Things to Consider When Shopping for Anniversary Ring

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One of the most memorable moments of our lives is our wedding day. Every year after that, we will remember our anniversary day, become very much excited to celebrate with our lifetime partner, and even exchange gifts with each other.

To make it more memorable you can also buy an anniversary ring for the occasion. An anniversary ring symbolizes a continued commitment to each other.

However, there are things to consider when you shop for an anniversary ring:

1. Jewelry Store

An anniversary ring is something that you’ll spend on, so make sure that it’s done right. The first thing to do is to look for a reliable and trustworthy jeweler. You might want to ask for friends or colleagues for a referral.

A good jeweler must also be capable of giving you a recommendation that fits your needs. Say, for example, you need help on women’s ring ideas for your anniversary, a good jeweler should offer you a lot of options.

2. Gemstone

To some people, an anniversary ring should look different from a wedding ring. As long as it looks special, that’s already adequate for some. To others, they want a ring with gemstones that has some significance. With the variety of gemstones, surely you’ll find the one that’ll perfectly suit your needs.

If you decide to dress your anniversary ring with gemstones, it’s important to know what year a specific gemstone represents.

  • 5th year – Sapphire

  • 10th year – Diamond

  • 15th year – Ruby

  • 20th year – Emerald

  • 25th year – Silver

  • 50th year – Gold

3. Which Finger To Wear It On

There’s actually a social convention on where to wear your rings. For example, a wedding ring should always be worn at the left-hand ring finger. How about when it comes to anniversary rings? The thing is, you actually decide where to wear it. There’s no right or wrong way to wear an anniversary ring. Still, most people wear it on the finger where they have their wedding ring.

The importance of knowing where to put your wedding ring lies in the fact that you need to measure the size of your finger first before going to a jeweler. You don’t want to immediately buy an anniversary ring that’ll only result in being too tight or loose on your fingers. Thus, know first what finger you should put your anniversary ring on, and have that specific finger measured by your jeweler.

4. Size

Speaking of sizes, you must also be very precise with the size of the ring. Although some rings can still be resized, there are specific rings that won’t allow you this option.

Because it can be a hassle to resize, make sure that you get the size right when you ask your jeweler to make the ring. To be sure, you might want to ask the jeweler to measure your ring size, so that there are no more mistakes.

5. Design of the Ring

If you’re the kind of person who wants their anniversary rings to look more unique, then you should go to a designer jeweler and have it custom made.

At the start of the 5th year, for example, you may ask the jeweler to design a ring wherein you can add more gemstones as you celebrate the succeeding anniversaries.

anniversary ring 01

5. Budget

For people who have the resources, the budget is not a concern. To some people who are budget conscious, they have to set a budget before they talk to the jeweler.

There are rings that have a simple, elegant design that’s not expensive. So remember, beautiful and elegant things don’t always need to be expensive.

Try researching and scouting with different jewelers to get the best deal. As mentioned earlier, if you have a friend who already knows a jeweler, you can ask your friend for a referral.

6. Scheduling

An anniversary ring is usually custom-made. For custom-made rings, it usually takes more time to make, set the gemstone, and have it engrave. Hence, make sure that you have it made in advance so that you can have it in time for your anniversary. Depending on your jeweler, usually, making anniversary rings might take a month.


These are just the basic things that you should consider when you try to get an anniversary ring. Make sure you do extensive research and scoping on the items above to prevent making mistakes. Once you follow these tips, you can find the perfect anniversary ring for you and your partner in life.