Styling Up Your Australian Holiday: Fashion Essentials And Great Deals

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Grammy-award nominee Shawn Mendes once said that Australia is a beautiful place and a great place to be. So it isn’t surprising that Australia is a prime location for memorable holidays. The best sort of holiday is the one where you’re able to incorporate fashion and comfort together. To that end, what sort of fashion essentials do that, and where are the best places to get them?

David Jones For All-Round Needs

Since its brand launch on the 24th of May in 1838, David Jones has made quite a name for itself in fashion. Unlike a lot of fashion brands, David Jones keeps an all-round approach to their offerings. They offer comfy tees, trousers, dresses, jackets, and even intimate wear, and offer something for every preference. You can obtain good deals by checking out the David Jones website, where they have varied pieces on sale prices. You can even opt to go on a David Jones shopping with Qantas online shopping trip before your holiday, and investigate other online options that offer massive discounts and even rebates. They also have kiosks in major airports around Australia, so you can check them out before you go and start your holiday. David Jones can be your go-to for Australian holiday essentials like maxi skirts and sandals.

Billabong For Sea-Ready And Breezy Looks

If you’re planning on an Australian holiday, putting surfing on your to-do list will allow you to experience places like the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. To be able to enjoy your surfing completely, you need to have the proper gear. That’s where the iconic Australian surf brand, Billabong, can help. They partner up with major cultural icons like Metallica, Iggy Pop, and even Elle Ferguson to create one-of-a-kind looks. Much like David Jones, Billabong has outlets in major Australian airports, so they’re easily accessible. Through Billabong, you can obtain wetsuits, swimwear, and even breezy dresses that are perfect for a sea-to-town transition. Billabong also has a website, which regularly offers discounts if you sign up for their mailing list.

POSSE For Comfy Chic

Looking for holiday looks to fit a wine tasting at Barossa Valley or Margaret River? You’ll need trendy yet practical outfits. The affordable Australian brand POSSE can help you put together comfy and chic OOTDs that go well with classy locations. You can grab some sleek jumpsuits, and flirty and floaty dresses that are ethically manufactured. So not only will you be supporting slow fashion, but you’ll be able to grab complete looks for around AUD$199. Much like David Jones and Billabong, POSSE has both brick and mortar stores and online stores, and regularly partners up with coupon and discount sites like Catch, Qantas and Fashion Lane.

There are a lot of places to see and things to experience in Australia. Being able to do so in style and without breaking the budget is a smart move that any traveller should take advantage of. Before you get started on your Australian holiday, try to see what other brands offer great deals and stylish pieces. That way, you can have your pick of stylish and affordable trends that fit you the best.