6 tips on how NOT to wash your swimwear

Bathers, cozzies, swimmers, togs. Whatever you call them, your swimsuit is often one of your most beloved clothing pieces.

Bathers, cozzies, swimmers, togs. Whatever you call them, your swimsuit is often one of your most beloved clothing pieces.

It’s not easy to find The One - the swimsuit that’s got a pattern and style you adore and that fits in all the right places. So when you do find the perfect suit, take care of it as you would your more prized possessions.

Yet surprisingly few people know how to properly care for their swimwear. You’re dealing with delicate fabric here that can be damaged by pool chemicals, sunlight, rough surfaces, and lotions.

If you love your swimsuit and you want to keep it in good shape for longer, try to avoid these mistakes!

1. Putting it away without a wash

Firstly, gross. And it’s not even a hard ask - just wear your bathers on when you shower yourself after a day at the beach or pool.

But it’s important to wash your swimsuit after every wear even if you haven’t gone for a dip.

All those lotions that are so good for you and your skin are not so great for your swimwear. Sunscreens, sweat and oil and mineral based lotions can wear down the fabric, causing yellowing or other stains over time.

Likewise, chlorine can be harsh on swimwear, and if you don’t wash it out immediately, those bright, beautiful patterns can fade pretty quickly.

2. Wearing them day in, day out

No matter how much you love a particular swimsuit, it’s not a bright idea to go on wearing it across multiple days.

Bathers are usually made of Spandex or Lycra; both stretchy fabrics that remember their original shape and can revert back to it after use.

But you’ve got to give it time. About 24 hours will allow your bathers to dry and return to their original shape. Make sure you have a collection of swimsuits so you can mix it up when one pair’s drying.

3. Putting it in the washing machine

There are a whole host of reasons why you should avoid machine washing your swimmers. The dyes can run, the washing machine can damage the fabrics, and the straps could snag and the cups bunch up...

It’s all about gentle, loving care here - meaning hand washing. Skip the laundry detergent too. They’re too harsh and can cause the colour to fade. Use a detergent specially formulated for delicates. White vinegar also works well to deodorise your suit.

Bathers, cozzies, swimmers, togs. Whatever you call them, your swimsuit is often one of your most beloved clothing pieces.

4. Sitting directly on the ground

Bikinis and other swimsuits can be easily snagged on rough surfaces, such as concrete or wooden chairs. It’s always better to lay down a towel to prevent your swimwear from fraying or picking.

If a towel seems a bit much, you can even just wrap a sarong around your clothes.

5. Wearing your best suits in the spa

We’re not going to tell you to skip out on the spa altogether; just don’t wear your favourite bathers in hot water.

Spas - and hot water - can really bully your swimwear. The bromine and hot temperatures will quickly stretch and fade your fabric, so wear an older suit you’re not invested in. Be sure to wash it thoroughly afterwards as well.

6. Wringing, machine drying, or hanging dry in the sun

So how the hell are you supposed to dry your bathers?

It all comes back to the same issue - your swimsuit is delicate and needs to be treated with care. Wringing it can easily damage the fibres and cause it to lose its shape. Drying it in a dyer can weaken the elasticity. Hanging your bikinis can stretch the fabric as the water collects at the bottom. Sunlight can cause fading.

To roll your swimwear, the best ideas is to lay it flat between two dry towels, roll the towels up, and squeeze out all the excess water. Otherwise, just lay them flat in a ventilated area in the shade.

There are plenty of ways to ruin a pair of bathers, but avoiding these few simple mistakes will help you improve the longevity of your swimsuits so you can enjoy them for far longer!

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