Groom style: 6 swag-ready mens wedding suits for your big day

Politix menswear’s top swag-ready mens wedding suits.

Congrats on your wedding day! At Politix, we’ve seen many blokes transform into dashing grooms with a winning mens wedding suit. From intimate beachside ceremonies, 4-day wedding extravaganzas, to even dressing up our reality TV Bachelors, Politix tailoring has been front and center for all those special “I Do” moments. So whether you’re going tropical or traditional for your big day, we’ve got the low-down on how to put together your mens wedding attire.

So first things first, ditch those uptight groom guides and wedding suit rule books. Rules are only made for breaking, right? In all of our years of tailoring, we’ve seen that the best way to take mens suiting to wedding day statement status is to play by your own style book. Find your unique sartorial style signature with a little help from our top 6 mens wedding looks:

1. Center of attention in Velvet

Nothing says luxe like a velvet tux jacket. The fabric makes you feel instantly like a million bucks when you throw it on. For mens wedding suits, it’s hard to the beat the bold statement that a velvet tux delivers. Day or night, velvet will stride with bold colour and lustrous finish. Another secret is that a velvet jacket always looks on point in photographs.

While there’s a fine line between being swag-ready for your walk down the aisle to looking like a lost game show host, the biggest design secret for rocking a velvet jacket is to go with a slick slim design. Avoid any 70s fashion faux-pas by sticking to a modern 1-button jacket shape.

Velvet tux jackets and luxe suit accessories make a big statement for mens wedding attire.

2. The new classic in mens wedding suits

Classic tailoring doesn’t need to be uptight, so you can continue shredding up that rule book. At Politix, we’re all for sleek and sophisticated with a big no-no to looking like every other guy in a black suit. One of our favourite takes on monochrome tailoring for mens wedding attire, is the white tux jacket.

Daring yet oh-so-classic, this black tie look channels all the 007 charm for your mens wedding attire. To suit your classic white tux up in modern style, keep your tailored lines clean with a slim fit jacket and shawl lapel. To make your wedding suit extra special, treat yourself to a bit of luxury with your tailored accessories, like a velvet black bow tie, silk pocket square and patent leather shoes.

3. Wedding style in check

Get your big day wedding style in check. Not just any checks, big checks. While smaller plaid tailoring is commonplace for business attire, large windowpane checks are not your everyday tailoring. Bold and brash, this checked suiting look makes for a jaw-dropping special occasion statement.

To get the full impact of windowpane checks for your wedding attire, go for matching checked jacket and pant suit set. Avoid having more than one check pattern in your outfit, otherwise you’ll start looking more like a Magic Eye puzzle than a groom.

Checked suits and light tailoring make a cool impact for mens wedding suits.

4. Laidback and luxe tailoring

The beachside wedding is all about the relaxed and fun vibes with your closest family and friends. It’s the wedding look where you can ditch the tie and the tux altogether. To keep this mens wedding attire laidback yet luxe, suit up with lighter colours and cool fabrics. Pale blues, light tans or beige linen suiting make for effortlessly sharp style in the outdoor wedding elements.

A really simple sartorial trick to deliver those cool relaxed vibes is to keep your tailoring tonal and to go big on print and colour for your shirt. Crop your pant hem so you can go sockless for the sun and sand. Oh, and don’t forget to throw some pattern detail into your suit jacket chest pocket too.

5. Badass groom in a black suit

Boring black tailoring looks funeral home, while an A+ black suit will have you striding down the aisle like Yeezy. So how do you achieve Ye status with your monochrome tailoring? Black suiting is and has always been about rebel style. One way to inject some ‘tude into your black suit is by going for a slicker than your average skinny fit. Choosing a skinny black suit crafted from stretch fabrics will give you that crisp tailored silhouette with seriously smooth moves.

Skinny black suits and soft grey tailoring gives a contemporary look for mens wedding suits.

6. Turn up the heat with grey tailoring

Grey tailoring gets a bad wrap from your grandpa’s ill-fitting double breasted suits and car salesmen with too-long pants. The contemporary grey suit however, is one suave guy.

The modern grey suit has hatched colour to bring an element of depth and fresh texture detail. Look for half lined jackets and flat fronted pants to deliver lightweight wear and a relaxed suiting shape that’s perfect for the Aussie summer wedding. To really step up a grey mens wedding suit, get your pants tailored and hemmed with no break.

Mens wedding attire doesn’t have to be same-same. It’s your special day so turn your formalwear up to statement status. Make it a memorable one with your unique sartorial personality and contemporary tailoring. Now go forth lucky groom-to-be and find your show stopping mens wedding suit.

Author Bio:- Ivette works in marketing at Politix, an Australian-based menswear store that specialises in providing accessible luxury men’s clothing. Politix believes in focusing on quality and allow men in Australia to be well dressed for any occasion or dress code.