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A fashionable running pair of shoes is more than the aesthetic appeal. It's also a matter of stability, protection, support, and comfort. When shopping for the best running shoes, you should take into consideration your body weight, biomechanics, your feet's size and shape, and the type of surface that you'll frequently run. So, how do you choose the perfect fashionable running shoes for you without compromising quality and performance?

In this post, you'll learn the fashionable running shoe trends you should try this year, so you can make an informed choice when shopping for a new pair of running shoes and bring out the best in your performance.

3D Molded Heel Design: Ultra Heel Protection

With a three-dimensional or 3D molded heel design, a pair of fashionable running shoes have a more consistent fit and comfort. In fact, one of the best brands of running shoes in Australia incorporates this heel design, a trending feature that you shouldn't miss when buying a new pair of running shoes. This design gives additional support for the heels, soles, and ankles as you run.

The 3D molded heel design prevents losing the fit and strength of the shoe from the very first time you tried wearing it. Traditional running shoes tend to lose this ability with frequent wear because of stretch and pressure. However, with this trending running shoe feature, your feet get all the support they need to work at their maximum performance.

Engineered Mesh: Promotes Foot Flexibility

An example of engineered mesh is a lofted jacquard textile, which advanced the plush pliability of the running shoes. Pliability refers to the quality of shoes to be bent or their flexibility. With this meticulously engineered mesh, it maintains the forefoot fit and maintains the stability of the midfoot fit.

Here are the benefits of wearing flexible running shoes:

Stability: Flexible running shoes promote a more stable midfoot strike, strengthening the feet, calves, and the Achilles tendon. In this way, you can run without impediment and so much worry, allowing you to stay at your best running condition.
Flexibility: It improves the flexibility of the ankle and the foot.
● Natural Movement: Your feet move more naturally, so nothing keeps your feet from working on its best performance.
Comfort: A pair of flexible running shoes boosts comfort when running, preventing foot pain, sprain (stretched ligaments because of twisting, rolling, or turning incorrectly), and strain (injury to the muscle).

runningshoes 02

Blown Rubber Outsole: Smooth Transitioning

One of the features of fashionable running shoe trends today is blown rubber outsole. The rubber forefoot section of the running shoes has been blown for smooth transitioning and superior underfoot comfort. This well-engineered running shoe design allows you to move without the awkward feel because your weight is well-supported every time you suddenly stop, fast track or accelerate, or slow down.

Medial Stability Post: Overpronator Support

Overpronation of the foot refers to the arches of the foot that roll inward or downward while walking or running or in layman's terms 'flat feet'. With medial stability post applied on fashionable running shoes, it provides better support for people who have overpronated feet.

Of course, even for those who don't have this feet condition, this feature provides support to tired legs caused by running. With this trending feature, you can say that you have a reliable footwear partner that can keep up with your intense training.

Plush Collar: Superior Comfort

Running shoes with a collar is not just for fashionable running but also for comfortable running. A plush collar feature promotes a soft and supple feel, keeping your feet, most especially your ankles comfortable while you run.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Fashionable Running Shoes

With a wide array of brands of running shoes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. That's why you need to consider important things when shopping for a new pair of fashionable running shoes.

Here are the important considerations when choosing the best running shoes for you:

Aesthetic Appeal: Of course, fashionable running shoes should look great. With a smart engineering and shoe fashion design, you'll be proud to flaunt your best running shoes wherever you plan to run.
● Weight of Running Shoes: Lighter running shoes tend to have less cushioning, making them feel faster. However, if you’re planning to wear it on long distances, you need to choose one with extra cushioning or a heavier shoe.
Drop: A drop of a shoe refers to the difference between the forefoot and heel measurements. It is how much the toes drop below the heel. The heel is more striking in a higher drop. Most running shoes have an 8 to 12 millimeters drop. There are running shoes with less than 6 millimeters drop and an even zero drop for a few minimalist designs.
Cushioning: A pair of running shoes should have reliable cushioning, which provides impact absorption. With premium-grade cushioning material, it provides extra support and protection to your feet when you run without sacrificing your performance.
The shape of the Shoe: The shape of a shoe can be categorized into motion control shoes, stability shoes, and neutral cushioning shoes. Motion-control shoes are running shoes that are well-built on a straight last. You'll know if a pair of running shoes is motion control shoes if it has a wide and straight shape when you turn the running shoe over and check the bottom. This type of running shoe will prevent your foot from rolling in for maximum support and the most control. On the other hand, stability shoes have a semi-curved shape, perfect for those with a normal arch and slight pronation, offering a perfect balance of support and cushioning. Neutral cushioning shoes have the most curved shape, suitable for people with under pronation (not enough foot inward roll) and high arched foot, which helps in impact absorption.


The best fashionable running shoe trends rely on premium materials, modern shoe design engineering, and state-of-the-art make. The 3D molded heel design promotes foot protection, most especially on the heels, and the engineered mesh is for greater flexibility so that you can move with ease. For smooth transitioning, a blown rubber outsole is highly recommended and a plush collar feature for superior comfort.

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