Men’s Workwear Guide: How to Style Construction Boots for Work?

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Boots are known for their comfort and practicality. They are versatile and smart, making them very suitable for the work environment. Something people tend to forget is that boots can also be very stylish, provided you know how to style them. You can go to work feeling confident and looking like a style icon. Who knows—you might even become a trendsetter at your workplace!

Picking the Right Boots

Before you can even start thinking about how to style your boots, it is essential to ensure that you’ve got the right pair. Now, what exactly should you look for? Your primary consideration should be comfort, durability (because they’re still for work), and style. Another thing to look out for is practical boots. You don’t want something too loud. Unless you’re Lady Gaga, then, by all means, get the flashiest construction boots available.

It’s also crucial to factor in safety before buying construction boots. Safety is a feature of the best-rated boots for construction. For security, steel-toe boots and composite-toe boots are easily the best options, but you still have to consider the nature of your job and the environment you’ll be working in. Will you be working outdoors? Indoors? What type of job is it? Will you need electricity-resistant shoes? You have to put all these factors into consideration.

How to Style Your Construction Boots for Work

This is where things get very interesting. The focus here is style. And while the lumberjack look is classic and evergreen, you might want to turn it up a bit and add a bit of flavor to your outfit. Check out these ideas:

Be Comfortable and Classy

First things first: jeans are undefeated. It’s an unwritten rule of fashion that construction boots are best worn with jeans. Navy jeans should be your first choice because they provide a pleasant contrast that isn’t too sharp or too bold, making them the perfect match with your boots to create a subtle elegance. Besides, anything goes with Navy jeans. On a warmer day, you might want to wear a grey T-shirt with Navy jeans on a pair of tan brown leather construction boots. The idea here is to look comfortable and classy—a clean look that can blend being stylish without being jarring. Chelsea-type work boots are perfect for this.

Chinos are also a fantastic choice, and they’re great for warmer days. They go very well with low-rise work boots. Dark chinos go well with dark tops, and you can style them any way you like. But a pair of tan chinos with a bright colored top will likely leave a sour taste in the mouth of your co-workers. So with chinos, it is imperative to take note of the shade before styling. And since the topic is on boots, it would be wrong to wear a pair of boots that are of a warmer shade with dark trousers. However, the rules change when you’re wearing tan-colored boots. Dark boots go with absolutely anything.

Watch the Weather

There are certain types of construction boots to be worn on cold days, especially if you’re going to be working outside. Your first choice should be waterproof construction boots. These boots are not only designed to keep out wetness, but they’re also warm and comfortable, keeping your feet dry and cozy.

Leather boots are also great for cold days, particularly if you want to give off a classy aesthetic. There are many brands of low-rise construction boots that will both protect your feet and keep them warm while giving you a stylish look.

On colder days, you might want to invest in jackets. Jackets are perfect for cold weather but also for construction boots. It might be a bit tasking to select the jackets to wear with your work boots. Let’s narrow it down:

  • For a simple and sleek look, you should go for bomber jackets and denim jackets. Bomber jackets are very stylish and polite. While wheat-colored boots tend to be everyone's favorite, black boots are the go-to construction boots for bomber jacket days.
  • Denim jackets are also great, but, once again, they should be plain and simple, with no rips or inscriptions. Denim jackets go wonderfully well with all types of construction boots.
  • You should not neglect sweaters either. Sweaters are the ultimate loophole for style at work. A good shirt worn underneath a nice sweater will no doubt have you looking smooth and stylish. You can combine them with construction boots that convey the same classy aesthetic, as well as other work boots that have the formal but classy feel that goes perfectly with sweaters.

Plaid or Plain?

Shirts are boring—or are they? Plaid shirts go perfectly with dark or warm jeans and functional construction boots. While plaid shirts are the go-to look for construction boots, you can’t deny that they blend perfectly with all types of construction boots.

With plain shirts, it is paramount that you acquire formal-looking construction boots. These have a more office-environment design. Made from delightful leather, these shoes have a soft aesthetic but maintain the rugged toughness of a construction boot.

Final Thoughts

Construction boots are not difficult to style. They go well with pretty much everything and provided you choose work-appropriate clothes, you are free to experiment with your construction boots and infuse your own personal style. Besides, who says you can’t be stylish at work?