Daly X Active: Artwork meets active wear

Enhance your curves and feel inspired with Daly X Active.
Daly X Active Indigo Jiggy Yoga Leggings, $125

Ever feel like it’s a struggle to get off the couch and into the gym or yoga studio? And have you ever felt like your workout gear was not created to suit you, a woman, with curves and contours? Brisbane artist Sarah Daly has unlocked the secret to feeling inspired on the road to your fitness goals: colourful active wear designed for real women! We are proud to introduce Australia’s newest leading active wear label: Daly X Active. This head-turning new line features the artist’s signature abstract prints in designs intended to enhance your figure and emphasise its best features. That’s right, it’s time to show off your booty’s beauty!

Daly X Active was born when Sarah, feeling unmotivated, decided to digitally print her paintings onto workout leggings. Her bold and unique prints inspired her during workouts and made her feel amazing when she saw her reflection. After interest from friends, entrepreneurial Sarah developed a line of active wear with a difference: the bold colours in her paintings celebrate your figure, from the cut of the fabric to the placement of the prints. So you will feel like the pieces were made to truly fit your body and flatter all its gorgeous curves!

Enhance your curves and feel inspired with Daly X Active.
Daly X Active Pinky Warhol Yoga Leggings, $125

One of our favourite styles is the Blue Poles Yoga Capris, for its figure-hugging silhouette and swirls of dreamy blues. We also love the Pinky Warhol Yoga Capris, which will inspire anyone who is procrastinating to conquer those fitness goals in pinks and greys that will make you feel beautiful!

Sarah Daly’s collection has been manufactured in Canada, but Australian production is being perfected right at this minute! Daly X Active will elevate your confidence and give your fitness wardrobe a serious style update. You can turn heads in made-for-you designs and support locally produced works of wearable art. What could be more inspiring than that?

Shop your new active wear favourites today at www.dalyxactive.com and check out their Instagram. Keep a close eye out for their range of matching tops and jackets expected to drop in June 2018.

Words: Hanna Sloan

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