5 Important Steps to Become a Model

Modeling is an attractive career. It’s a lucrative business and craft. You look good all the time, and the pay is good as well. Pictures of you get featured on magazines, websites, billboards, newspapers, pamphlets, and the like.

Modeling is an attractive career. It’s a lucrative business and craft. You look good all the time, and the pay is good as well. Pictures of you get featured on magazines, websites, billboards, newspapers, pamphlets, and the like.

Now how does one become a model?

Here are five crucial steps on how to become a model that will help you achieve your dream of becoming one.

1) Be Fit and Prepare for a Model-Like Body

Modeling is the glitz and glam world of people who work for magazines, fashion shows, commercial ads, and more. The question is, how does one become a model? What does it take to become one? For aspiring models, they should take good care of their physical selves first and foremost.

To achieve a fit and healthy body:

  • Start by eating healthy.
  • Bank on fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.
  • Stay hydrated. Water makes the skin supple and soft.
  • Maintain a desirable and suitable weight.
  • Go to the gym when needed. Hire a personal trainer to help you create an exercise routine for models.
  • If you want to sculpt and emphasize on one area of your body, then do it. This will boost your self-confidence and will enhance the assets that you’re proud of.
  • Take photos of your progress.
  • Toned abs and hips make a huge difference.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your skin and apply sunblock whenever you’re out in the sun.
  • Take vitamins and supplements only after consulting your doctor.

2) Create a Good Portfolio

If you want to be part of the modeling industry, you shouldn’t be camera shy. You need lovely photos to show to modeling agencies, advertising agencies, and the like. Hence, you need to create a portfolio of photos.

Use these portfolio hacks below:

  • If you don’t have a good camera or you can’t afford a professional photo shoot, learn to strategize. Use your resources.
  • Ask help from people you know, especially budding photographers, aspiring makeup artists, and young stylists who can make your photo shoot possible. Explain to them that all of you can benefit from this investment. Yes, this is an investment, your initial investment to the modeling industry.
  • If you can’t still find people to help you achieve this, then do it on your own. Makeup tutorials and styling tutorials are available on YouTube.
  • Buy a good-quality camera if you can or use your phone to take pictures. Learn editing skills from available resources on the Internet.
  • It’s also recommended that you take photos without makeup on. Some talent scouts prefer the natural look when looking for potential talents to manage. Full unedited body shots are highly recommended, too. This would allow talent scouts and handlers to check on you without the concealment of makeup on your whole look.

3) Find Professional Help or Sign Up with a Modelling Agency

Look for a talent scout that can help you with your modeling career, but make sure to get in touch with legitimate ones.

Try these steps below to find your possible employer, handler, talent scout, or modeling agency:

  • Go for a go-see or audition with a modeling agency near your area.
  • Don’t let your hesitations get along your way. Try and try. Try harder if needed.
  • Don’t give up if they don’t sign you up. Try other modeling agencies. It’s normal that you get a lot of “NOs” before you get the first “YES” that you’ve been waiting for.
  • Search for trusted handlers and scouts within your area. Go for the extra mile.
  • If you can’t find one in your local area, go to the next town or travel or search for modeling agencies via the Internet or social media pages.

4) Know Your Market

There’s a lot of models in the industry. Know your niche and your style. Know what you want and what you’re comfortable with.

You could be any of the following:

  • Runway model
  • Commercial model
  • Glamour model
  • Fitness model
  • Print-ad model
  • Promotional model
  • Trade show model

5) Love the Craft

Be passionate. Treat modeling like a real job if you want to last in the industry. Here’s some tips:

  • Don’t settle for less. Always put your best foot forward.
  • Maintain professionalism. Be courteous and polite to everyone; you might be working again for them on your next project.
  • Research and study the industry. Learn new tricks and trades.
  • Watch helpful tutorials that can help improve your appearance and overall look. Follow elite models or consider reading blogs about modeling.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other dream or goal, one must give his or her best to achieve it. Nothing comes easy. It takes a lot of sacrifices, discipline, and hard work to achieve what you want. If you want to become a model, follow the steps and tips above. Just remember to keep going and keep trying. Nothing is impossible.