5 fashion mistakes that could ruin your look

Our tips take you from sloppy to slaying.

Sick of scrolling through Insta and wondering why your outfits never seem to slay quite as hard? Well, you might need to turn away from Gigi Hadid’s latest #lewk and focus your attention on your own. You could be making some of these small fashion mistakes that are letting your whole look down.

Gigi is the queen of slaying

Gigi is the queen of slaying a #lewk, but you can be too. | Source: Instagram

Price stickers on shoes

An ensemble is head to toe, right? How about head to sole? Make sure you remove the price stickers off the soles of your shoes. If left on, they draw the eye – and not in a good way. You want your soles looking as sleek as the rest of you, and removing price stickers says you have great attention to detail.

Visible underwear

Yes, we’re totally pro #freethenipple and we don’t believe in policing women’s bodies. So when an outfit calls for visible undergarments – say, when you’re wearing a fabulous sheer top or an Oxford shirt unbuttoned to reveal a lace bralette – go nuts. However, certain items of clothing require the right underwear to make it work. Off-shoulder top or spaghetti strap slip dress? NEVER wear a normal bra as the visible straps ruin the aesthetic. Go strapless, stick-on, or braless if you dare. The same goes for bodycon dresses – nobody wants a visible panty line. Seamless underwear abounds in underwear shops, as well as shapewear and knickers that are high cut for a smooth silhouette. Wear the right undergarments and let your outfit do the talking.

Grubby shoes

Yep, another shoe one. As Laurie Schecter said, “Shoes are the exclamation point at the end of a fashion statement.” You want your fashion statement to pack a punch, so always ensure your shoes are clean and free of scuffs. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities achieve such perfect athleisure looks, it’s the super-clean kicks.

Kylie Jenner doing athleisure right with squeaky-clean sneakers.

Kylie Jenner doing athleisure right with squeaky-clean sneakers. | Source: Instagram

The wrong bag

We all have an everyday bag that we love. Maybe it was a splurge designer piece and you’re determined to get your cost per wear down, but you cannot use the same bag for every outfit in your wardrobe. A big tote can look cumbersome against an ensemble that calls for a mini bag or an envelope clutch, and a stunning fuchsia bag will definitely clash with your red coat. Take the time to match the bag to the outfit and you’ll look so much more put-together.


Coco Chanel had it right when she advised that before leaving the house in the morning, you should remove the last thing you put on. Over-accessorised outfits tend to look cluttered and messy. Keep it to a few key pieces that complement the clothing to avoid looking like your jewellery box exploded on you! For example, shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings are best left to shine without a necklace getting in the way and crowding your décolletage. Monochromatic outfits look best with a simple chain, stud earrings and one or two dainty rings.

Remember, small fashion mistakes can make the whole outfit a faux pas! So follow our tips to rock every look and be Instagram-ready!


Hanna Sloan is studying a Creative and Professional Writing degree at QUT. She grew up wanting to be either a writer or a professional dancer, or both. Nothing has changed. She is passionate about performance, fashion, and social progress, and is a confirmed #NastyWoman. Hanna is the proud curator of a shoe collection surpassing sixty pairs, and always thought Andie Anderson in 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' was crazy for not wanting to write about shoes for a living. In her spare time Hanna can be found devouring a book or magazine, watching 'Friends' or asking her parents for Snapchats of the family’s two beagles.