4 Bra styles every woman should have in 2018

These four bra favourites are a must for every grown woman. How many do you have?

I've recently moved into my little dream house. I have a few bedrooms dedicated to my growing collection of fashion necessities. (I plan on sharing these with you soon) I don’t do anything half hearted. I’ve been known to sometimes live in excess, but hey, it’s my paycheck.

Everyone knows I have a shoe and jewellery addiction but what you may not know, is I’m also a lingerie hoarder. I love collecting lingerie. I have a draw dedicated to my sexy underwear and another dedicated to my comfy favourties. I also have a draw stacked with an array of bras. I just don’t have enough! Then I have a collection of corsets, suspenders, and other pieces for special occasions.

But today, I wanted to talk about the importance of having a variety of bras to choose from. So to keep things simple, I’ve highlighted four staples that every woman should have in her closet that will take her from dusk to dawn and everywhere else in-between.

Push up bra

A push up bra will give you the confidence and enhanced support to showcase your assets. Flaunt them girl!

T-shirt bra

This is your best friend, one that will take you from weekend grocery shopping to running errands in your ballet flats.

Strapless bra

For all those occasions that demand you to showcase your bare décolletage. You know what I’m talking about, it’s when straps are not necessary and being bare is the only way to put your exclamation point on an outfit.

Sexy bra

These four bra favourites are a must for every grown woman. How many do you have?

This is a personal favourite, I don’t think you ever really need an excuse to wear it. Sexy bras whether it be lace, leather or have embellished detailing, it should be worn for you and if someone is lucky enough to see it, so be it. But this baby is all about making you feel like the sensual woman that you are.

There are a few more other favourites styles out there for you to discover, but these four bras should be in every grown woman’s closet. If not, I just gave you the perfect excuse to go shopping!