Interview with Hair Stylist Mikey Forster on his Salon Horse Meat Disco

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We sat down with Mikey to talk about his journey, the weirdest place he has cut hair and what he can't live without.

How did your journey and love for hairstyling begin?

MF: I was offered a job as an apprentice at a salon I used to get my hair cut at. I was 21 and wasn't really heading anywhere in life and I had the support of my parents to start my career. I had always wanted to do hair but I also wanted to do it in a great salon and when I was given the opportunity, I snatched it up!

You are the owner and founder of Horse Meat Disco Salon. Can you tell us about its unique concept?

MF: With the Disco, I had a concept in mind for a very long time. I wanted it to offer high end quality at an affordable price. I wanted the space to be edgy and modern, stylish but also relaxed. The name gets most peoples attention which was also the plan. A name that has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with hair, but incredibly memorable. All of my staff are highly trained and educated so my dream of offering the high end quality is a reality.

If you had not made the decision to be a hair stylist, what career do you think you would have pursued?

MF: Oh my god I have no idea! I was working at a Video Store (do they still exist??) I love music! So I'd love to be the person at Sony telling the world who the next big thing is.

Interview with Hair Stylist Mikey Forster on his Salon Horse Meat Disco

What is a must have hair product every woman should own?

MF: A delicious treatment! Everyone's hair needs it, and hair health is paramount for me and the way I colour, so it's a MUST!

What's the biggest hair trend for Autumn Winter 2015?

MF: I'm actually taking a lot of people blonder at the moment. Women aren't afraid of colour and that is great this time of year! I'm always trying to introduce gold in hair colour (where is fits obviously) and this is the perfect time of year to do it! My head stylist Nicole is cutting a lot of hair off, the CHOB (choppy bob) is still a huge hit and I think it's a forever look.

What's the strangest place you've ever cut hair?

MF: In a nightclub bathroom! I was booked to style a singers hair from the UK but when I arrived she wanted a fringe trim and a little of the ends ... I was horrified. Cutting hair in a nightclub bathroom ... never again.

What is the secret to a good hair cut?

MF: A great colour to enhance it!

Can you tell us one of your ticks of the trade?

MF: I have many tricks and my clients are the ones who find out about them.

Do you have a quote you live by?

MF: Do what feels good.

In the hairdressing world, who do you look up to?

MF: Oh sooo many! At the moment my faves are Johnny Ramirez and Tracey Cunningham (internationally) and my two friends Christine Rowe and Sheree Knobel in Australia are such an inspiration as well.

Interview with Hair Stylist Mikey Forster on his Salon Horse Meat Disco

Five Fast Facts:

Describe yourself in three words?

MF: Friendly, outgoing and creative.

What is your favourite Friday activity?

MF: My early morning PT session.

What is one thing you can't live without?

MF: Coffee and instagram (was it okay to say 2?)

Ultimate celebrity client?

MF: Mariah Carey.

What's next?

MF: You'll have to stay tuned.

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