WFH space got you feeling uninspired? Or maybe you're searching for your next online shopping spree? Look no further than White Rabbit Candles, with luxurious candles and wax melts in heavenly scents sure to brighten any home workspace. We chatted with Vanessa Spano, owner of White Rabbit Candles, to see why you should treat yourself with this homemade Australian brand.




1. How did White Rabbit Candles get its start?

I started White Rabbit Candles in 2019 after purchasing my first ever candle making kit. I already had a passion for candles but had no clue where to start when I thought of making them. I’ve always wanted to start my own little business and it just so happens that mine was candles.


2. What is your day like running White Rabbit Candles?

They say that if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. That is exactly what it’s like for me with this business. For me it’s fun and I’m so motivated to improve myself every single day.


3. What's your current favourite scent?

The most popular scent and my absolute favourite would have to be vanilla caramel. It’s smooth and easy on the nose and isn’t too strong. It smells so good, you’ll want to eat it!


4. What inspires you in running your business?

I inspire myself every single day. I get up and motivate myself. Plus having the right people around me supporting me gives me the extra push I need.


5. Where do you get your ideas for new scents and products?

It’s all about the customers and what everyone else wants to see. I love making questionnaires on my Instagram page and letting my customers tell me what they want. A lot of research goes into it as well with trying to find unique looks and fragrances that suit my brand.




6. How are you adapting to the current situation and staying connected with customers?

My business has actually grown so much since the pandemic started. I have had time to rebrand my page and create an entire new look which really captured a lot of different audiences for my products.


7. What is one thing you do each day to keep grounded and feel positive?

Not everything goes smoothly when running a business. Not every delivery is going to show up on time and things are going to go wrong. That’s when I really need to step back and remind myself that I’m only human and I’m doing my best. Every business owner will tell you the same. But it’s all about keeping calm and staying positive. Even though I’m not always calm, I do have my support system at home to always keep me grounded.


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