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Eva Scolaro talks music & life changing moment

This year’s Fashion+ Aid event is just around the corner, and we can hardly contain our excitement for the Met Gala themed event. To celebrate, we caught up with singer, Eva Scolaro, to talk why she’s excited to perform, her motivations and the moment that changed her life seven years ago.

This year’s Fashion+ Aid event is just around the corner, and we can hardly contain our excitement for the Met Gala themed event.

There is no question that in the last few years your journey has had a number of roadblocks. But without those tough experiences, do you think you would have had the courage to sing and pursue a career in music?

ES: My mother always told me never assume anything, but I am guessing by “roadblocks” you mean when I went to prison. So by a few years, you mean 7 years ago. In seven years, sure, I’ve had a few roadblocks some that most people wont encounter in their lifetime... but I think that’s what makes the story interesting. Truth is, I have been singing and performing since I was 3. It wasn’t a case of “get out of jail – lets sing jazz!” That is a fantastic concept that I wish was the case, it would make me seem super human!

I learned from an early age that perusing a profitable singing career is difficult, and I found myself migrating to the 9-to-5 rat race as a private banker and went on to manage an accounting firm on Collins Street in Melbourne. With the GFC I was made redundant and then migrated back to what makes me truly happy – performing. Melbourne was a great place to find my feet again. With live acoustic performances at some of Melbourne’s best hangouts, including Left Bank, Club23 and Morris Jones.

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Not long after, I followed my now fiancé to Bali where we have lived for 4 years. I’ve worked very hard to achieve my current place in Indonesia. I am proud to be one of the leading live shows in Indonesia which has led to working throughout south East Asia including opening the Vietnam Fashion Festival in Ho Chi Min City this year.

You currently reside in Bali, how has this influenced your music?

ES: Bali is transient. People come a go. My music is a reflection of this. The melodies I write are upbeat and the lyrics are equally uplifting.

Bali allows you to believe anything is possible. You will hear this in my first house release “Don’t Tell Me No” which was written in collaboration with Steen T. and will be released around the middle of September this year.

Why are excited to be apart of the annual charity event, FASHION + AID?

ES: Friends, fashion and it feels good to give back. This year will be my fourth year participating at FASHION + AID.

This year’s Fashion+ Aid event is just around the corner, and we can hardly contain our excitement for the Met Gala themed event.

This year's event theme has been inspired by the Met Ball. Are you excited to frock up?

ES: So excited, this will be one of the best frock events yet!

Your Instagram is filled with #fitspo images. How important is maintaining a healthy lifestyle to you?

ES: I believe if we are fit we have the capacity to achieve and do more with our day. My schedule is full on, so it is important for me to be bright eyed and bushy tailed each day. Clean eating and the gym help get me there!

Why are you passionate about music and how do you stay motivated?

ES: Music is the first thing I do each morning. I press play on my Bose system, I press for a double espresso and then I sing in the shower. I’m a dork like that. Music – it’s a part of me. It makes me happy. The more I do it, the happier I become. I think that is motivation enough!

Where do you hope to see yourself in the coming years?

ES: A few more original releases with my German house label and I am looking forward to launching my entertainment company in Bali next year. So stay tuned...For your chance to witness Scolaro’s incredible performance for yourself, be sure to purchase your FASHION + AID tickets today!

For your chance to witness Scolaro’s incredible performance for yourself, be sure to purchase your FASHION + AID tickets today!

Upclose with the creative minds behind Axel & Ash

Axel & Ash pose

Crafted by Swedish-born Hanna Axelsson and Australian-born Ashleigh Powell, two free spirited women who share a deep love of travel, Axel & Ash is about defying the odds and breaking the rules, providing inspiration and motivation to live life to the fullest.

Their chic collection of travel journals are stylish, informative and inspirational and will ensure you capture, remember and treasure the memories that count. We spoke to the inspirational minds being Axel & Ash and their stories will leave you lusting after a holiday.

What inspired you to create Axel & Ash?

HA & AP: Inspired by Sebastian Terry’s book 100 Things, where he created a list of 100 things to accomplish with the aim to tick them all off, one memorable afternoon on Ash’s balcony we decided to share our crazy bucket lists. We bonded over our passions for travel, adventure, photography, the art of journaling and a common bucket list goal - to start a business – and Axel & Ash was born.

Where do you find your inspiration?

AP: So many things inspire me; meeting new people, listening to music, witnessing a friend achieve something amazing, hearing a new story about your mum you never knew or looking at a phenomenal piece of art! The world throws out inspiration everywhere, [it’s] magical!

HA: I'm inspired by life around me - the people, the sights, nature, art, conversations and stories. I'm a real chatterbox and I take a lot of inspiration from speaking to people and hearing their stories.

What is it like designing and co-owning a brand together?

HA: Ash and I are like a married couple that love each other one minute and just can't seem to agree the next. We both have such strong personalities and sometimes it's hard to agree on what's best [but] a lot of the time we come up with amazing ideas together! The best thing is we compliment each other – my weaknesses are Ash’s strengths and vice versa.

Can you tell us about the Scandinavian inspired interactive world map, Let’s See It All?

HA & AP: Let’s See It All is designed for travel lovers to document their journeys around the world. Inspired by our passion for travel and immersing ourselves in new cultures, the world map is an easy, fun and enticing way to recount memories and plan new adventures, it’s our way of encouraging wanderlusting souls to dream, trace, decorate and explore.

Beautiful interior design

Where are your top 5 travel destinations for 2016?

AP: Byron Bay, India, U.S (California), Scandinavia road trip and the Greek islands!

HA: The Finnish countryside, Joshua Tree in California, road trip through Sweden, The French Riviera and a private island in the Maldives.

What are three things you can't travel without?

AP: Camera, laptop and my swimmers!

HA: My phone, unnecessary outfits (that I have never worn before and don’t end up wearing during the trip!) and my Canon camera.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

AP: ‘Believe you can and you will’.

HA: 'If you obey all the rules - you miss all the fun!' - Katharine Hepburn OR 'Remember that person who gave up? Neither does anyone else! - Unknown

We live in a technology driven society where we can document our journey electronically. Why do you think the traditional pen and paper experience is so enticing?

AP: Most people work on computers all day long, so to be able to take a step back and have our own time, to collect and write our thoughts - can be quite euphoric.

HA: There is always a sense of intimacy when putting pen to paper in a journal, it becomes very personal and extremely fulfilling once put away and reflected upon years later.

Wanderlust and bucket list journals

What was the last things you ticked off your bucket list?

AP: Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef! Over the Christmas/New Year break that just passed a few friends took a road trip in an RV from Sydney to Cairns. Our last stop was Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef where we swam with turtles, Nemo’s and the most beautiful coral in the world, it was just incredible!

HA: Picked an avocado straight from a tree! I did this in Hawaii and it was the biggest avocado I ever seen.

What is next to tick off on your bucket list?

AP: [Attend] the Coachella festival and [go] hang gliding.

HA: [I want to] learn to play the guitar and walk on my hands (this has been my new years resolution two years in a row – I’m working on it!).

Words: Frances van Eeden