Do you really need that 19th black cashmere sweater?

When was the last time you bought something and battled with yourself on whether or not you really and truly needed it? Confession time! I do this often. I love fashion and everything else in between. There is something so exciting about finding a new favourite to add to the ever-growing collection. And even though I may not really need it, I want it and sometimes, that’s enough.

As the ever so famous Sarah Jessica Parker stated in Sex In The City, “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.” And I really couldn’t agree with her more.

But at some point, we have to stop and get in control of those shopping splurges and save like an adult. So what’s the secret and easiest way to make this change? In my opinion, it’s online shopping!

My biggest weakness is walking into a shopping centre and being overwhelmed with the latest fashion trend must-haves that I could take home immediately. At least with online shopping, you have time to think about it, tally up your basket and ponder on whether or not you can afford it.

Plus, the wonderful world of web is filled with amazing e-boutiques that have incredible savings and discounts. For example, Sello is known for the best deals online across fashion and household favourites. Think a minimalistic version of Kmart.

There is a gold mine of many more online stores that will give you the designer look at a fraction of the price. I suggest changing into your most comfy loungewear, pouring yourself a glass of wine and setting yourself on the couch to start exploring the hottest e-destinations to keep you ahead of the fashion pack.

Your bank account, wardrobe and Instagram feed will thank you for making wise shopping choices. Happy discount hunting babes!

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