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Well, there are two things in question here, you want to have the trending fashion fabric and it's autumn/winter season. We want to cater to both without compromise, thanks to the tissura website. The latest fashion fabric that emerges is on our website and your task is just to check out. Talking of fashion, it’s a combination of material used and color of the fabric that matters most.

You can use create a variety of clothing such as trousers, shirts, and dresses. Tissura website provides information about fabrics of both genders provided it's a darling fashion. In the autumn/winter season, we provide fashion fabrics that are durable and provides warmth.

Trending fashion fabric to check during the autumn/winter season

To avoid confusion, I'll first tell you the material which will make up our fabric for winter and then we'll look at how to identify the most fashionable fabric.

For the winter season, the woolen fabric is the best because it stays warm despite absorbing moisture. Furthermore, polyester fabric is also very good during the winter season. It holds heat thus keeping you warm. It's also a very good thermal insulator. In the case of windy conditions, nylon fabric swings to mind. It absorbs very minimal moisture which then evaporates. It is also best when used as a windbreaker. On the other hand, Silk fabric despite being lightweight can be used to make underwear because of its insulation capability.

1. Gothic

Characterized by dark and mysterious features, gothic fashion is perfect for the winter season. We have a variety of cotton and leather fabric and thus you have a broad pool to choose from. It’s beautiful and every piece of cloth that you create with it, it’s remarkable.

You have to decide whether you want a dress, shirt or skirt with floral gothic or with gothic faces. We offer a wide range of patterns that you will be overwhelmed when making a choice.

2. Metallic texture

For the winter season, we have plenty of fabric with a metallic sparkle. These different fabrics are woven uniquely so as to provide a splendid texture when the sun rays hit them. The Manufactures have used new technology to achieve this and we've brought it to you.

You will definitely look more fashionable than you imagine given the quality and the diverse designs of the fabric. The reinvented corduroy will complete your perfect winter wear. The soft feeling and comfort are all that you need.

3. Denim

Denim fabric never gets old, the wide customization and an upward innovation trajectory surrounding that allow it to see different seasons and new fashion trends. Though it is usually banned in some camps during winter seasons, the manufacturers have been innovative enough to weave denim fabric which works well with the cold season.

4. Active city

By the term active city, I don't mean to confuse you, I am referring to the brightly colored fabric. Given the rich history of bright fabric, it’s important if you know that they are associated with power, royalty and wealth.

This fabric can be used to make long dresses, handbags, coats, and shoes. Tissura website gives you a wide range of fabric assortment to choose from; woolen, jacquard, mélange cotton and others dependent on the different manufacturers we’ve partnered with.

The colors you choose to mix go a long way in fulfilling the winter trend. Talk of warm colors during the dark hours of winter or grey, blue, and brown shades, they form a typical palette.

5. Tartan and plaid

You can’t finish the winter fashion trend without mentioning the checked fabric, either in a houndstooth or tartan configuration. You can choose the combination of checks and floral prints that convey a contemporaneousness to this characteristic fabric.

6. Rustic look

You know how an old school fabric with slight customizations will look revamped. Our leather fabric have rustic looks which makes them as fashionable as possible. Once you put on a suit, an addition of a coat will complete the perfect vintage look.

Everyone admires a cozy, soft and comfortable garment. The rustic themes give the men’s wardrobe a new expression. The vintage tweed is very fashionable in the winter season while it offers a great deal of comfort and durability. Modern wool fabric will also look trendy despite its course structure.


The first goal when looking for winter fabric is the protection it will offer from the cold weather. Subsequently, you don't want to be the next meme doing the rounds on social media, you'll be looking to be as fashionable as someone going for a fashion show.

When picking the winter fabric, color a tantamount factor. Aspire to select a fabric that is sand gray, mystical green, rock brown, bluebells, smoke gray or the aurora. These colors are an assurance that the fabric you choose will be turned into a very good looking clothing that rhymes with the autumn/winter trend even if you're poor in fashion.

Article submitted by our friends at Tissura.

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