Balenciaga bags in bright colours are the ultimate statement this season.

Bags are an important part of your preparation. It seems incomplete if you don’t carry your bag with you. Moreover, it is important to pick the right bag style as well as picking the right trendy colour to have a statement look. If you are wondering which colour bags must be a part of your wardrobe then you can explore the Balenciaga gallery. Here you will find the bag of different designs with different colour ranges. If you are exploring the colour trends in handbags then here we have listed a few colours which are in trends and have been seen in runways:

Bubblegum Pink

For the girls who are in love with pink and want to pair something exceptional with their white or purple dress then for them, bubblegum pink is the hot colour. The colour is popping up everywhere and has become the colour of spring and summer. For those who are looking for different colours and accessories then they should try this striking colour to give a visual effect to their outfit.

Crimson Red

Another bright colour that is in trend these days is crimson red. The tote, shoulder bag, and crossbody bags all come in this color with different shades. These are seen hit on runways. It is the big replacement with black and suits almost with all outfits. Moreover, you can pair your red bag with the black, navy blue and red dresses.

These give the fashionable touch and truly spice up your outfit.

Orange Hues

The major trend of the last year is trending this year also. The tangerine bold and rustic shades sit well with any summer and spring outfits. Although it is bold and bright, most girls love to have orange bags and match with their dress during warm evenings.


The blend of the green and yellow colour is quite in this year. Girls now prefer bags with bold and bright colours. They are keeping aside neutral black and brown. Rather the chartreuse color fascinates them. This year runways are full of this shade with electric yellow and green mixture. If you want to give yourself a statement look then the bag with this shade sits well.

Yellow Bag

The last but not the least bag colour that is in this year is the bright yellow and lemon yellow. A leather bag with this tone looks elegant and makes a perfect match with any summer outfit. The bag with this colour is best to carry in schools and in any casual event.

Final Thoughts

This year bright tones in the bag have been seen in streets and runways. Designers are using pastel tone, blue shades, pink, and other vibrant summer shades in the bags. Girls also love this trend and want to have different bags to make a perfect match with their outfits. So, grab your favorite colour now and add the bag to your wardrobe. Thus, these trendy colour bags will complete your look.

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