Whether you’re after a subtle balayage or pastel tresses, here’s why Ibiza Hair, Franck Provost, Lizzie Liros, Royals Hair, and Stable are Australia’s best hair colourists.

Shaking up your locks and embarking on a new colour is one of the most invigorating things you can do. A fresh hue can change your whole aesthetic and outlook on life. But who can you trust to perfect this delicate task?

Fashion Weekly has uncovered 5 of Australia’s most talented, award winning hair colourists to ensure you and your hair have peace of mind with every appointment.

Here’s why Franck Provost, Ibiza Hair, Lizzie Liros, Royals Hair, and Stable are must visits to obtain incredible hair.

Franck Provost Paris Australia

Whether you’re after a subtle balayage or pastel tresses, here’s why Ibiza Hair, Franck Provost, Lizzie Liros, Royals Hair, and Stable are Australia’s best hair colourists.

Say au revoir to lacklustre locks and bonjour to life changing colour with Franck Provost Paris Australia.

The French are renowned for their impeccable stylish taste. With over 10 million clients who visit the cosy-chic Franck Provost Paris salons throughout the world, each appointment is guaranteed to impress.

Each of the 23 salons nationwide work on the premise of elevating their client’s natural beauty. Never fret a bad ‘do-day' again thanks to the stylists colouring techniques, which are specifically curated to suit every face shape, skin colour, lifestyle and personality.

Founder Franck Provost pioneered many global colouring trends, including balayage, which is an in-salon specialty. He also developed the brand's exclusive Couleurs Précieuses, a trio of shades that create the perfect blonde, redhead or brunette.

If you're after a flattering balayage, you can't go past Indian Sun hair contouring, this season's hottest colouring technique that gives a beautiful sunkissed look. Your hairstylist will determine the placement of handpainted highlights depending on your face shape, and just like face contouring, this technique complements your best features.

Be pampered and step out of every Franck Provost Paris Australia salon with tresses that wouldn’t go astray on Parisian streets. What are you waiting for?

For more information or to book your appointment today visit www.franckprovost.com.au and follow Franck Provost Paris Australia on Facebook and Instagram. To find your nearest Franck Provost Paris Australia salon click here.

Adrian Rotolo of Ibiza Hair

aust hair colourists Ibiza

Turn heads, infuse colour and obtain envious locks with Adrian Rotolo.

Crowned the 2016 Hair Expo Colour Technician of the Year and the 2015 I.H.S. Colour Technician of the Year, Rotolo’s impeccable skills are in high demand as Australia’s top colourist.

A certified L’Oréal colourist for 12 years and one of the first to complete their colour degree, together with a brimming list of expertise, Adrian has mastered the tricky art of creating the ultimate flaxen locks.

When thinking of trends that have dominated the salon scene, the first that comes to mind is ombre. For Rotolo, the colouring brush acts as a natural extension to his creative hands as he is praised for having perfected the contoured hair technique. 
As impressive as it already is, it doesn't end there. With a thirst for vivid hues and commerically wearable looks, Rotolo will effortlessly help you achieve the shades of your dreams. Whether that be sherbet tresses, deliciously blended ombre or a vanillary blonde - your options are endless.

For more information or to book your appointment with Adrian Rotolo visit www.ibizahair.com.au and follow Ibiza Hair on Facebook and Instagram.

Lizzie Liros of Lizzie Liros Hair

aust hair colourist liros

Dip your tresses into a life of colour with Lizzie Liros Hair

We are all deserving of a slice of glamour, and the easiest way to inject a touch of luxe into our lifestyle is through our tresses. That’s why Lizzie Liros, Director of her namesake salon, Lizzie Liros Hair, will transform your crown and refresh your locks.

You’ll find Lizzie operating between her flagship Sydney salon in the humming suburb of Paramatta, to creating breathtaking bridal hairstyles in Greece’ divine Santorini during July and August. Her eye for colour creation has led the multi-award winning, celebrity stylist and educator to make an unmissable impact within the industry.

Specialising in delectably blended colour, ultra-modern hair designs and whimsical, long hair styling belonging in a fairytale, Lizzie will take tame your tresses and bring to life your hair fantasies.

Plus, for the past 9 consecutive years Lizzie has been crowned Australia’s leading bridal hair designer, proving that this artisan is your go to for fashioning breathtaking locks for any special occasion.

Begin your own tresses tale and book your appointment with Lizzie Liros today.

For more information or to book your appointment with Lizzie Liros visit www.lizzieliros.com and follow Lizzie Liros Hair on Facebook and Instagram.

Travis Bandiera of Royals Hair

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Want perfectly lived in tresses to rival Lauren Conrad? Thanks to Travis Bandiera of Sydney’s Royals Hair, this fantasy is just an appointment away.

With balayage and style cutting as his expertise, Salon Director and Principal Stylist, Travis Bandiera welcomes an array of clients who adore him as much as his hair colouring prowess.

Announced as a finalist for both the 2016 Expo New Creative Force and the 2016 AHFA Colourist of the Year, Bandiera is solidifying his name within the industry as one of Australia’s top colourists to watch.

A true overachiever, he is dedicated to spreading his passion as part of the ghd and Revlon Pro Australia’s education teams. If that’s not enough, his creative works, celebrated for their bold colour and dramatic cuts have been splashed across magazine pages globally.

Whilst being renowned for his enviable balayage technique, the artistic colourist fearlessly plays with pastel hues and transforms boring into daring, gradient locks. Whether you’re wanting to impress with a bold splash of colour, stop traffic with radiant tresses or indulge in a complete style update, Bandiera is the hairdresser to see.

For more information or to book your appointment with Travis Bandiera visit royalshair.com.au and follow Royals Hair on Facebook and Instagram.

Lucas Dowling of Stable

Whether you’re after a subtle balayage or pastel tresses, here’s why Ibiza Hair, Franck Provost, Lizzie Liros, Royals Hair, and Stable are Australia’s best hair colourists.

When in search for a hairstyle refresh, do you crave a complete immersive experience? Well, your quest is now over thanks to Lucas Dowling of Stable.

Located on the balmy Gold Coast, Stable is a salon created for clients who have a thirst for on-trend hair. Founded by Award-Winning Hairdresser, Lucas Dowling, the urban, masculine space offers a no-fuss affair that allows you to unwind while your hair takes centre stage.

Dowling’s humble, charismatic personality and eagle eye for immaculate tresses has the many coming back time and time again to encounter his mastery. Plus, the book by appointment policy allows for a flexible service to match effortlessly with your busy schedule.

With the artisans broad list of accolades, practice and penchant for style, they take the guesswork out of colouring. Specialising in blonde and balayage, there’s no better place to transform your tresses into sun kissed locks than at Stable.

Hair innovation is what the salon craves, and there is no colour or correction that the stylists can’t handle. To obtain enviable “it-girl” status locks embark on your Stable journey now.

For more information or to book you appointment now visit www.stablespace.com.au and follow Stable on Facebook and Instagram.

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