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"Thank you so much for an amazing Saturday afternoon, every single day since I have been taking time to style myself in the morning and wearing jewellery daily! (Something I never thought I would do!). I must admit I was a bit nervous to begin with but as soon as I met you I felt at ease and so excited for our session together. I have received countless compliments on my new wardrobe and you've made me realise that I can be fashionable without spending a fortune or a massive amount of time to get dressed either! You are so appreciated and lovely, thank you again!" 

- Styling Client, Tess Eames

"I really love the way Stacey and her team team of stylists use accessories along with the way they pop and pull an outfit together. It leaves me breathless. Whatever the occasion, budget and body type I've seen them work their magic."

- Makeup Artist, Chelsea Brown

"Thank you so much for providing me with an awesome outfit for my music video. Loved the look, you nailed it! I will definitely be using Fashion Weekly again."

- Singer, Ella Ferdinands

"There are not enough thank you’s in the world that could come close to how appreciative I am. You are one of the most professional, creative and all round exceptional human beings I’ve had the pleasure to work with and I’m so glad you enjoyed working with us too!"

- Brand Manager, Lauren Rose

"It was so much fun chatting and being able to bounce ideas off you. You really are an incredible woman and your ambition and drive is something I aspire too. Your dedication to keeping your heels on is something I completely resonate with! You go girl."

- Blogger, Lisa Anderson

"The magazine is INCREDIBLE. Bravo what an amazing job you have done. The content is amazing, the design is beautiful and the stories are on point. Great job team, I am a big fan."

- Stylist, Alexandra Graham

"We are very excited to see our salon right on top of your lovely website :-) Thank you very much for an opportunity to be published, we feel very privileged that you chose to work with us. We will definitely share it on our social media."

- Kristina from Ette Studio

"Wow, the article looks amazing! I'm looking forward to sharing this with all our clients."

- Amy from Urban Chic

"Those stats seem great, we really enjoyed working with you, we've included you as one of our company partnerships in our Media Kit."

-Mia from Esther Boutique

"Just wanted to let you know all the girls in the office absolutely loved the Sex and the City article you guys wrote about our cocktails. So clever!"

- Lilian Hair from Emporium Hotels

"I did an article with you a while back for my personal shopping business, I was most pleased with it and the amount of effort you put into making it a success for me."

- Stylist, Johanna Osborne

"Stacey and her team at Fashion Weekly are an absolute delight to work with. With a fantastic knowledge of the latest style and culture trends and brands, they have an excellent insight in to and rapport with their readers and are a fantastic brand to partner with. They are a professional, innovative and hardworking team, dedicated to ensuring the successful outcome of campaigns and events we organise with them."

- Amy Burgess, Think Tank Communications

"I’ve only recently discovered Fashion Weekly magazine & feel compelled to write to you & say “I love it, I love it, I love it!” (how excited am I?)

Without a doubt I will be singing the praises of the magazine to my family, friends & work colleagues.

Your array of contributors is well balanced & cover all subjects relevant to readers like myself, I can even see an increase in tourism to Morocco after one recent & extremely interesting article ... travel & fashion – every girl’s dream!

I find the Hair & Beauty articles very informative & helpful to those of us with hectic lifestyles who don’t have the time or desire to plough through endless magazines/tutorials. The same goes for Fashion Tips & Fashion Trends.

From now on I need look no further than your magazine for all my fashion & beauty info with a bit of travel, dining & culture thrown in.

Well done to you & your team of writers Stacey."

- Avid reader, Amanda Bingham