You'll get this if you're guilty of spending too much

Things you'll only get if you're guilty of spending too much money

You can always find a way to justify your spending
Because there's nothing worse than regret.

You live in a constant state of fear of getting your credit card declined
So you always carry cash, just in case.

It's not your fault that everything you like just happens to be the most expensive stuff
You just can't help it that you've got good taste.

It's safe to say you've accumulated a lot of things you've never even used
A drawer full of unused beauty products? Me? Nahh....

You prefer to live in a blissful state of ignorance about your finances
So you just never check your bank account.

Things you'll only get if you're guilty of spending too much money

Subscribing to something to take advantage of the free trial period sounds like a good idea...
Until you forget all about it and before you know it, you're being charged monthly for a bunch of services you don't even use.

Most of your money goes on food and clothes anyway, and you need those things, right???
A girls gotta eat!

MECCA is the reason you're broke
Whyyyyy are their products so good?

Sales don't necessarily mean you'll save money, because you inevitably just end up buying more
50% off? Lets buy alllllll the clothes!

You've started getting your online shopping delivered to your work so your parents/housemates don't judge you
Because you just don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

You can't understand the difference between need and want
You need to pay your rent but that gorgeous rug would look so perfect in your apartment, it would almost be a crime not to buy it.

Sometimes you think about not spending so much money
You could give up shopping, but you're not a quitter.

Things you'll only get if you're guilty of spending too much money

Really, you're just doing your part for the economy
By now, you're basically keeping the economy afloat on your own.

Saving is an impossible task
Because you needed that expensive bottle of Moroccan Oil and that Hourglass primer that may or may not have cost $100. It's a small price to pay for confidence, okay?

You've become a master of lying about your purchases
"No, this skirt isn't new, I've had it for ages! I've just never worn it in front of you before..."


Emma is just your average book loving, tea drinking, story writing, narcissistic millennial on an eternal quest for the perfect t-shirt. Ever since she picked up her first copy of Dolly when she was twelve, she always knew she wanted to work in magazines. She would describe herself as a bit of a hopeless romantic with an obsession for true crime and horror and a love for red wine, whiskey or a stiff gin and tonic. When she's not binge watching Netflix or buying things she can't afford online, she spends her weekends trawling through bookstores and eating her way through Brisbane.