Why Kimmy K should be your confidence queen

Written by Jessica Lunan

It might bring some shock, but here's why Kimmy K is our confidence (or konfidence) Queen. 

Kim Kardashian confidence queen

While scrolling through Facebook the other day I saw an image that related to me on a spiritual level. It mentioned something along the lines of how everyone mocks each other for taking selfies, until you take an amazing one yourself. In that moment you’re mesmerised by your reflection. How can you possibly be so perfect? Where did your chins go? How are your brows so on fleek?

There is some kind of thrill about posting a selfie on Instagram that almost feels a bit naughty. Forget bungee jumping and extreme sports for adrenaline, all I have to do is post a selfie on Facebook for my anxiety to go through the roof. I can’t help but be riddled with the thoughts of how many likes will it get? Am I being delusional and it’s actually the worst photo taken in history? I’m also guilty of sending my selfies to my close friends for their opinion on what filters makes it look the best prior to uploading.

The truth is we’re all a little self indulgent, self obsessed and selfish. And to be honest, I kind of I love it! I mean with the Kardashian’s as our matriarchs it has to be a given. The selfie is the narcissist’s weapon, however, we’re increasingly getting a bad rap from our peers for posting them.

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To be fair, todays society, fuelled by social media and the ravenous need to know what everyone is up to twenty four seven (and sometimes showing off when we’re doing something exciting ourselves) really contributes to this.

ABC News reports that young people are more self obsessed than any other generation in history. Reportedly, this is aided by our obsession with social media and celebrities. I must admit I’m a sucker for celebrity goss, and Kim Kardashian-West is my Queen. Fair enough she is self centred, self-obsessed and pretty selfish (remember her selfie book?) but there is something so endearing and, dare I say it, encouraging about it. There is no way that Kim gets anxious before posting a selfie on her Instagram because she is confident and she knows she looks good.

Why Kim Kardashian is our Queen

While, ABC News states we’re a self obsessed generation, The Guardian reports that there is a growing number of young women who suffer from low self-esteem. Alarmingly, 52% of young women are unhappy with how they look.

While many would say this surge in low self-esteem is due to the increasingly unattainable body and beauty standards thrust upon us by society, personally I believe that ‘tall poppy syndrome’ is contributing to this. Society believes that being self-obsessed and absorbed is bad, and anyone who does is loves themselves.

But is loving yourself, your appearance and your life really so bad?

I believe it’s time for a change. It’s time to start praising each other for our self-confidence. If that’s going to label us as self obsessed, self centred and selfish, so be it.

In the wise words of Kimmy K, who has admitted to taking over 30 selfies a day, “taking selfies is the purpose of life”. If you take away the selfie aspect, what she’s meaning is feeling good and confident about yourself is the meaning of our existence. Like Ru Pauls says, “If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

To that I say amen Ru Paul! So go forth, ignore the haters and keep posting those selfies. You know I’ll be liking them.