Here's what your coffee style says about you

Because coffee and style go hand in hand.

If you’re anything like us and are never seen before midday without a coffee in hand, then check out our highly scientific(ish) rundown of what your coffee style says about you. By looking at which of Merlo Coffee’s eight signature blends you prefer, we can tell a lot about who you are and what your personal style is!

Private: The original Merlo blend. Smooth and nutty, with a velvety texture that balances beautifully with milk.

You’re all about the classics. You’re cool, collected and know how to keep the balance. This is echoed in your style – monochromatic ensembles and clean silhouettes are so you!

Espresso: Full-bodied, Italian style coffee with a rich and warm chocolate flavour. The Merlo Coffee Torrefazione house blend.

If you’re downing espressos on your way to the office, chances are you’re a no-nonsense go-getter who does what it takes to get where you want to be. You’re tough and efficient, with an edgy but easy to put together capsule wardrobe comprised of staples and investment pieces.

Because coffee and style go hand in hand.

Riviera: The richness of the Merlo Coffee Espresso blend tempered with the sweetness of Kenyan and Colombian beans for a caramel finish.

You’re hardworking like your espresso-drinking pals, but with a gentle side. You like to show your vibrant personality with opulent touches like velvet thrown into your daily wardrobe to give it a rich elegance. You’re rocking the choker trend right now!

Arriba Arriba: Delicate honey and blossom fragrance, sweet apricot and milk chocolate flavours. Clean, soft and mild.

You’re sweet and unapologetically feminine! Ruffled tops and Peter Pan collars are your go-to. You favour delicate accessories like dainty rings and pearl studs.

Forza: Warm toffee and oak flavours. The only Merlo Coffee blend to contain a little Robusta. Strong, rich and intense.

You throw yourself wholeheartedly into projects with unrivalled fervour. You’re funky and unique, and you like to show it in your style choices! Leather-look jeans and ankle booties are your uniform and edgy accessories like ear cuffs top off the look.

Organico: Rich and warm flavours with notes of brown sugar and chocolate. Blended from 100% organic green beans.

You’re warm and friendly, with a soft spot for the environment. Your style staples include flowing maxis and floaty playsuits in summery hues, and bejewelled sandals or neutral wedges to show off your legs.

Alto: Rich, well balanced and lively with blackcurrant and maple syrup flavours. 100% Rainforest Alliance green beans.

Easy-peasy is your catchphrase and mantra! You favour simple structure during the week, and your weekend uniform is denim and a striped tee.

Decaf: Organic green beans decaffeinated using the water method. Floral fragrance with honey and citrus flavours.

Okay, there’s something special about you because you drink coffee for the flavour without the caffeine hit. Tell us your secret! You’re eternally fresh-faced, and you never get manic on too many espressos. Your signature style is sheer blouses and layered necklaces.

Caffeine addicts, make sure to find your closest Merlo seller to taste Australia’s favourite coffee!

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Words: Hanna Sloan