What to expect on the music scene in 2018

2018 sounds like it's going to be a massive year in music!

2017 was the year of the vulnerable and empowering pop song. It was the year that heartbreak found a way to be uplifting and we heard many artists deliver a reflective look at their past. It was the year that Lorde returned to her throne as Taylor Swift turned petty. Sadly, Katy Perry lost her reign on the pop charts but we were introduced to the incredible newcomers Sigrid, SZA and Julia Michaels. And it was also the year that all of the One Direction members released solo material. So yeah it was a pretty great 12 months of music. But we have officially made it to 2018 and we are expected to hear new music from some of the biggest pop artists like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Frank Ocean, Ellie Goulding, Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez, just to name a few. And we will also continue to fall in love with some of the world’s most intriguing and impressive new artists. We are one week in and there have already been some big releases, so let's give you the lowdown.

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Troye Sivan - My My My


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Troye Sivan’s debut album “Blue Neighbourhood” was an impressive and bold collection of alternative pop that explored coming to terms with his sexuality. It was a record that constantly grew on the listener and provided big sing along moments as well as very vulnerable and emotional ones too. Three years later, he is finally ready to welcome his sophomore record into the world with his ambitious lead single. “My My My” is a euphoric pop anthem that is all about liberation, freedom and love. It one of his most upbeat and feel good songs that celebrates being in love and having that strong connection with someone. From the very first listen it has you captivated and ready to dance around like an idiot (a proud idiot) and has you feeling all the feels. It’s a very strong comeback for someone who truly is an incredible voice for the LGBT and young adult community.

SINGLE: Superorganism - Everybody Wants To Be Famous


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Superorganism are an exciting new band who introduced themselves to the world in 2017 with their psychedelic pop single "Something For Your M.I.N.D". However the dynamic eight piece are not your average band. They hail from all different corners of the world and came together via social media before relocating to London where they are now based. "Everybody Wants To Be Famous" is a polished synth bop that holds onto their psychedelic pop vibe and experiments with a heavier pop finish. The euphoric and playful hook will be instantly stuck in your head and will truly drive you to push replay as soon as the song finishes. It accurately captures the colourful personality of the band and strengthens Orono's vocal delivery to be a bit more mainstream friendly. This is my favourite song out this week purely because it IS a bop and a half and will leave you very excited and intrigued for their forthcoming debut album.

SINGLE: Justin Timberlake - Filthy

With each era in his musical evolution Justin Timberlake always seems to completely reinvent himself and all I was hoping for was that he wouldn't release anything half as annoying as "Can't Stop This Feeling" and luckily he delivers. "Filthy" hears him reuniting with longtime collaborator Timbaland for a throwback track that channels the grittiness of the "Future Sex Love Sounds" era along with the big band funk of the "20/20 Experience" era. What they end up creating is a monster of a track which is going to take some people a couple of listens to fully appreciate but when they do, they will be playing it loud and proud. The opening instrumental breakdown is pure magic, it's so theatrical and epic but then all of a sudden it was replaced with a distorted synth. A little anti-climatic if I must say so, but the uniqueness of it grows on you. It reminds me of when I first heard "Sexyback" and everyone was slightly unsure where he was going with it for a split second but then the masses were on board and that's what's going to happen with this track too.

SINGLE: Rita Ora feat. Liam Payne - For You


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Rita Ora is really killing the game at the moment. "Your Song" and "Anywhere" were both bonafied bops in their own right and her brand has never been bigger than it is right now. "For You" hears her teaming up with Ex One Direction member Liam Payne for a passionate synth pop track. Lyrically they reflect on this heavy and passionate love that you didn't know was possible but you're so glad it's real when you do find it. Her sultry vocals emerge from oozing synths before polishing out to a pulsating delivery that you can't help but want to spin around to even if you aren't in love. Liam Payne is introduced during the second verse where he also gives a seductive vocal delivery before harmonising with Ora during the chorus. She really takes command of the song and even though Payne does make a big impact you can't help but be drawn to her delivery.

SINGLE: Cardi B feat. 21 Savage - Bartier Cardi


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It really is becoming impossible to go anywhere without hearing the name Cardi B. The New York rapper exploded onto the scene with her breakthrough single "Bodak Yellow" and has continued to impress with countless collaborations. Her second single "Bartier Cardi" has dropped and it's just as catchy and ridiculous as its predecessor. The playful hip-hop track sees the rapper making reference to her new found wealth and fame by making a sneaky reference to Cartier but changing the name slightly so she "doesn't get sued". From a first listen she will grab your attention with the hard beat and her signature delivery but the only thing that brings this song down is the unnecessary feature from 21 Savage. Like why was a rap from him needed? Because guess what, it wasn't. This song would've still been strong without him and probably would've had a bigger impact if he was initially left off it. This track is pure fire and proves to people that Cardi B is in fact the real deal.

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