What is your Sex and the City cocktail personality?

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While there are many drinks to order over the summer, we've discovered your perfect signature cocktail which reflects the fabulous characters from hit television show, Sex and the City.

We're pretty sure Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are our soul sisters! The time has come to gaze deep into a cocktail shaker and discover which concoction best suits our personality.

Go ahead and find yours!


Personality: Carrie Bradshaw

Cocktail: The Bee's Knees

Scenario: Best sipped poolside wearing a slip dress with Manolo Blahniks and Mr. Big insight.

What is says about you: You're sweet, sexy and a little naughty. You don't take life too seriously. You're a flirty woman who enjoys the finer things in life. Your friends love your adorable ways and rely on you for fashion advice.

Concoction: With Beefeater Gin, lemon, E-Rooftop Honey, smoked lavender and Crème De Violet Liquor, garnished with bee pollen and lavender flower.


Personality: Miranda Hobbes

Cocktail: Hickory Bacon Old Fashioned

Scenario: Best sipped with your iPhone in hand, while wearing a black, low-cut jumpsuit, block heels with a potential love interest in arms reach.

What is says about you: You're an organised woman who doesn't have time for anything monotonous. You're not easily impressed. You value family and friends. You're a loyal woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

Concoction: A combination of bacon-fat-washed-Bulleit-Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Angostura Bitters, dehydrated orange and beef jerky.


Personality: Charlotte Yorke

Cocktail: E-Summer Spritz

Scenario: Best sipped listening to classic jazz, wearing a pastel-pink cocktail dress while eyeing a gentleman in a well-tailored suit at the opposite side of the bar.

What is says about you: You are particular in taste. The classics are your favourite. You're a go-getter who enjoys intelligent conversations. Your friends look to you for advice and you're known to always make them smile.

Concoction: The classic, Strawberries, (Mumm) Champagne and Strawberry Sherbet.


Personality: Samantha Jones

Cocktail: Irish Iced Coffee

Scenario: Best sipped cross legged at a bar in a figure hugging dress with a bold red lip and sultry eyes scanning the room for your next escapade.

What is says about you: You are the centre of attention. You're self-assured, have high aspirations and are fun to be around. You are decadently sweet and richly saucy. You bring the party to the life and your daring ways have always been steamy and mysterious.

Concoction: Jameson Irish Single Malt Whiskey, Muscovado, Espresso Shots and Bailey's Foam, Wafers and Maraschino Cherry.

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