Virtual Reflection

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For most of us, our photos are all stored on our iPhones and iPads cluttering up space with no real organisation. However Picster has arrived to fix that very problem.


Picster is a great new app for both iPad and iPhones which is available to suit all your picture sharing needs and that's not even the best part, it's Free! Picstar allows you to group and share all your favorite photos in a classy online album that gives a hint of a vintage feel. Easily compatible with social media or for those few souls without, you can also send an email link so anyone can view it from anywhere. What really sets this app apart is the ability to add a caption to each photo, which allows the viewer to flow through the pictures in a somewhat storybook feel.

Anthony McGovern Founder of Picster explains it best saying, "The streamlined, designer feel of Picster is what sets it apart from other photo-sharing apps. It's fun and has an automation feature that creates the whole album for you, as well as other features that give users creative control."

There is now no excuse to leave your photos unorganised or unshared, Picster has taken the hard job and made it effortless. The photos are your memories, make stories with them, and reminisce with your close ones. A photo is a single moment captured in a single frame, with the power to bring happiness through remembrance.