Valentines Day | An Expensive Love Fest

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Valentines Day is targeted towards the extravagance of gifts. In the social media world, it is a 24-hour brag session dedicated to hashtags, emoticons and pictures of how spoilt one is from their significant other.

Social media exposes the need to spend money on love. We now live in a society where flowers, dinner, jewellery and chocolates are a must to make Valentines Day a special one to remember.

Have we forgotten that simple things do count?

According to an IBISWorld Report, it has been discovered that Australians splurge more than $900 million on their lovers for Valentines Day!

When did we become so obsessed with making this day about money rather than love.

Would you be brave enough to tone it down this Valentines Day and find ways to simplify the extravagance? Someone once said, "Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world."

How will you spend your Valentines Day?