Top 12 pop songs of 2016 that everyone loved

2016 was truly the year of the pop song. I mean every week we had multiple contenders for song of the year being released. Everyone seemed to have upped their game. So sit back and enjoy as we go through the top 12 songs that will quite literally be music to your ears.

2016 was truly the year of the pop song. I mean every week we had multiple contenders for song of the year being released. Everyone seemed to have upped their game. So sit back and enjoy as we go through the top 12 songs that will (quite literally) be music to your ears.

12. Beyonce – Sorry

Beyonce dropped yet another surprise album and it detailed a demise of a relationship which had everyone pointing fingers at Jay-Z. “Sorry” was one of the more pop friendly cuts that controversially went viral with the “He better call Becky with the good hair” line. The whole song is full of attitude, anger and emotion and if you have a cheating ex then this is the song to dedicate to them.

11. Chainsmokers feat. Halsey – Closer

Halsey meets EDM. I say, YES. YES. YES. These two artists are a collaboration made in heaven and with her vocals perfectly harmonising with Andrew’s - this is one unforgettable song. Though if they could do a decent live performance of it already then I may have considered making it higher in the countdown.

10. Mike Snow – Genghis Khan

Some people may get angry at me including this in a "Pop" countdown but I don’t even care because it’s a banger and a half. There’s just something about this chorus which makes me want start doing lunges and punches in the air. Also MS MR’s cover of this in Triple J’s Like A Version is V GOOD.

9. Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna – This Is What You Came For

I have some simple thoughts about this one; I’m very grateful that Rihanna and Calvin Harris collaborated again and that Taylor Swift didn’t do the vocals on it.

8. Ariana Grande – Into You

Ariana Grande has really stepped it up this year and proved that she is the princess of pop. “Into You” is THAT pop song that whether you’re a fan or not you know all the lyrics to and have some choreographed dance moves ready for when it comes on at the club. I’m in love with this song and how it makes me feel when I hear it.

7. Drake – One Dance

Drake had to feature on this at some point and I mean what a song. Like you may be over it, but I am not. This song gave you island roots and allowed for some ridiculous dancing. It’s taken me a long time to really appreciate Drake’s music but I am finally on board the bandwagon.

6. Martin Solveig ft Tkay Maidza – Do It Right

2016 really was the year of TKAY and with the release of her debut album I couldn’t be any more prouder of the direction she is going towards. However it was her collaboration with Martin Solveig that had me bopping and gasping this year. “Do It Right” is the ultimate pop song and highlights both of their strengths. It’s a summer anthem with its playful beat and lyrics and I promise you won’t get it out of your head quickly.

5. Tove Lo – Cool Girl

2016 for me was about getting a new Tove Lo album and “Lady Wood” didn’t disappoint. And neither did it’s lead single. “Cool Girl” is an infectious dance-pop track that lyrically looks at pretending to be someone you’re not and sacrificing your ideals to make someone like you and realising that you don’t want any of that. It’s vibey, relatable and her haunting vocal delivery is intriguing.

4. Neiked – Sexual

I discovered this song in early August when it had very minimal plays on Spotify and I quickly proclaimed it as one of the best songs of the year. Fast track a few months and the rest of the world has finally caught on and it is currently one of the biggest songs globally. “Sexual” is a captivating tropical pop track that has everything a good summer pop song needs; a killer hook, mind blowing vocals, sex appeal and quotable lyrics.

3. MO – Final Song

MO is stepping toward a more dance friendly sound after her collaborations with Major Lazer have been topping the charts. “Final Song” is ironically one of the final songs on my countdown and I’m beginning to lose words to describe the catchiness and soppiness. So there you go. That’s my review on that banger.

2. The Veronicas – In My Blood

Because I grew up listening to The Veronicas I can’t help but feel so proud of their evolution as artists. “In My Blood” was a true gamble that paid off. No one expected them to go this drastically with the pop-dance sound but it worked so incredibly well. Their storytelling is still as evident as ever and somehow their vocals keep getting stronger and stronger. I don’t think I will EVER get over this song. It’s like “Untouched” all over again.

1. Flume feat. Tove Lo – Say It

BANGER. BANGER. BANGER. As soon as I heard this song I knew that it would be the song of the year. To put it simply for you; Tove Lo’s vocals complement Flume’s production and this pop masterpiece was born. Thank you.

Words: Thomas Bleach

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