Tinashe's new single, Superlove takes a new turn

Tinashe's new single, Superlove is a change of direction for the RNB songstress. It is cute but is it good enough?

Tinashe's new single is a change of direction for the RNB songstress. It's cute but is it good enough?

The longest pre-release album promotion goes to ... Tinashe! She has been promoting her highly anticipated sophomore album “Joyride” since December 2015. Now we are in July 2016 and to our surprise we are only getting the second single. *face palm*

“Superlove” is a change of direction for the RNB songstress because it moves away from the beat saturated and moody RNB tracks that we are familiar with and focuses on a positive message about love.

It’s something that the music industry needs at the moment with the current issues our world is facing and while it’s a bit gimmicky, it’s loveable and ultimately boppy.

At a first listen I wasn’t convinced but with the infectious hook and sultry harmonies - I eventually found myself transported. “They will never love you babe like I love you babe. Baby say you’ll never take my love away”.

It gives me early Ciara vibes and if that’s not enough for you to be intrigued to give it a listen, then I don’t know what else to say...

Words: Thomas Bleach

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