The Verdict | Alfred & Constance Summer Menu Launch

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Allow me to paint the picture. I arrived fifteen minutes late after deadline day at the office. Yes, it was stressful but nothing impresses more than being welcomed by an array of cocktails! I was spoilt for choice and after taste testing a few, I finally settled on the Passionfruit & Vanilla Mojito. A combination of white rum, fresh lime and mint - swizzled with crushed ice and topped with soda I may have just found my new favourite weekend thirst quencher.

After settling in and of course ritually 'checking-in' the starters were brought to the table. First up we were introduced to a simple dish, Woodfired Rosemary & Garlic Flatbread with butternut hummus and hazelnut dukkah. Personally, I enjoyed the hummus, it had a creamy undertone but as I was hungry, trying to control myself to not over indulge was a challenge.

The Verdict | Alfred & Constance Summer Menu Launch

The BBQ Pork Belly Wraps were up next and I have to say, that it was simply easy to eat. The Haloumi and Persian Spiced Carrot Fritters with garlicky mayo were also taste-bud pleasing. It feels almost unfair to compare it to a veggie pattie, but all that vegetarian healthiness is exactly what it is.

The Verdict | Alfred & Constance Summer Menu Launch

I love a good lamb cutlet and when the Josper Grilled Lamb Cutlets came as a shared plate, I knew this was a treat. The smokey eggplant puree was the ultimate compliment against this succulent piece of meaty goodness.

The Verdict | Alfred & Constance Summer Menu Launch

At this stage, those hunger pains have disappeared and you start to think, "What, we haven't even started the mains!"

Then it all starts rolling in, Roast Pork Belly and Grilled Scallops, Roast Pork and three Baskets of Crispy Fried Chicken complimented with sides of Coconut Chicken, Roast Cauliflower and Smoked Tomato and Quinoa and Sweet Corn Salad.

It was all delicious, but what's truly worth commenting on was the Roast Pork Belly & Grilled Scallops. The scallops were cooked to perfection and teaming them against a fennel spiced peach honestly had me in awe of a new mouth-watering combination.

The Verdict | Alfred & Constance Summer Menu Launch

The Roast Pork obviously came with crackling, something I'm always a sucker for, but this time around it was near teeth breaking.

Though that Basket of Crispy Chicken had me singing hallelujah! They have definitely nailed that recipe down to perfection.

Now whenever Damian Griffith throws a party he always goes out with a bang. As you can imagine, any and every type of beverage is on offer. He doesn't hold back and neither do his guests. And just when we thought it was over, his awesome wait staff started bringing out dessert!

With options from the Salted Caramel Baked Alaska, Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate Sauce and finally a Strawberry Glassed Doughnut Burger, the only thought on your mind was, "Tomorrow, I have to go to the gym."

I enjoyed the selection, but the most mind blowing dessert has to have been the Strawberry Glazed Doughnut Burger. It's the naughty goodness of a doughnut combined with birthday cake ice cream!

But of course, each to their own. Why don't you be the judge and check out this tastebud-pleasing Summer Menu at Alfred and Constance. Don't forget to let us know what you think below in the comments.

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