The top 10 most fashionable movie characters since the '80s

Hollywood has frequently served as a source of fashion inspiration for ordinary people, thanks to its many iconic-looking characters. Here we have highlighted the top ten most fashionable movie characters since the '80s.

Cher Horowitz

This dizzy character played by Alicia Silverstone in the hit comedy Clueless was one of the top 1990s fashion icons, with outfits like A-line miniskirts paired with knee socks, proving that she was anything but clueless when it came to clothes.

Elle Woods

Fast forward to 2003 and Reese Witherspoon played a similar character in Legally Blonde. Famously clad entirely in pink, she managed to carry off a look that many women would be daunted by and it perfectly matched her scatterbrained character.

Sebastian Valmont

Cruel Intentions is a 1990s teenage classic, and Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Phillipe) is a seducer – meaning his clothing needed to be impeccable. He combined a designer suit jacket and tie with a t-shirt - this showed off the character’s wealth and style but also his youth.


The character played by Spike Lee in his 1989 film Do the Right Thing is an icon of street style, with the oversized sports top and shorts. At the time, this look was every on the New York streets. This trend complimented the cutting edge vibe of the film and still remains a cool and popular look today.

James Bond

Bond is a character who rarely looks anything other than completely impeccable, and his most recent appearance in Spectre (2015) is no exception. The fashion highlights were the two coats he wore – a black bridge and a blue Crombie – a tailored fit to tie in with the smart but sober traditions of 007. It’s likely that Daniel Craig can carry off his smart appearance simply with a mobile casino like as oppose to Casino Royale in Montenegro.

Motorcycle Boy

One of the things that made Rumblefish a popular movie in the 1980s was Mickey Rourke as the enigmatic Motorcycle Boy. He avoided the standard black leather jacket in favour of a grey suit jacket, slacks and a shirt, which showed his character off as an individual.

Andy Sachs

Anne Hathaway’s naïve character in the Devil Wears Prada received a makeover when she started working in fashion. She sported a white belted coat, grey and white cap and knee-high boots like no other!

Ari Gold

The Hollywood agent played by Jeremy Piven in Entourage blends Italian suits with American preppy casual wear – perfect for a character for whom the clothes define success and status within his industry.

Gordon Gekko

Not an admirable character but the shark-like Gordon Gekko looked immaculate throughout the 1987’s Wall Street, thanks to tailored designer pinstriped suits.


The vain male model in this 2001 movie wore crazy outfits – perhaps the pick of which was his leopardskin suit. It parodied the excesses of high fashion perfectly and we will no doubt see similar madness when Zoolander 2 hits cinemas this year.

In honour of the Zoolander sequel, why not spice up your fashion life this year?