We trialled and tested the FUJIFILM instax SQ10

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Does the FUJIFILM instax SQ10 live up to it’s expectations?

It’s a warm Sunday afternoon and I’m running late to an event in the City for the launch of Sunsoaked’s new summer collection. I have to do a quick bag change, so I grab a tiny little clutch that has enough room for me to fit my business and credit cards, lipstick, stash of cash and iPhone.

I look down and realise that this won’t do because I’ve been given the brand new FUJIFILM instax SQ10 to test out but it’s too bulky to fit into this petite option. I scramble to find my black, leather Zac Posen tote and throw it over my shoulder. Thankfully, its generous frame allows me to fill it up with my essentials and of course, my new instant camera.

I arrive at the fashion show at Port Office Hotel and am welcomed by many warm, familiar faces. After I say my hellos, I shuffle off to the side of the room and sit down on a bamboo chair with green tropical fabric. I place my champagne on the rectangle coffee table and unfold the lid of my bag to place the Instax next to my glass. I then pull out my iPhone and adjust everything perfectly so I can take the right photo on my iPhone for an Instagram update.

I can’t help but think, ‘isn’t that ironic?’ I’m here taking a photo of a instant camera on my iPhone.

Anyway, I look down and there it is. In all of its glory, the FUJIFILM instax SQ10 is fiercely sleek and best of all, prints on demand. Apart from its practical features, there comes a wave of excitement and anticipation as you wait to witness the digital snap in hard form. Something our generation doesn’t often embrace.

Does the FUJIFILM instax SQ10 live up to it’s expectations?

The instax SQ10 is the first hybrid instant camera in the range and the very first to incorporate an LCD screen, evoking wanderlust in adventure seekers- no matter where they are in the world.

The LCD screen allows users to access the SQ10s main functions - ten striking filters with different effects, dramatic vignette control, which can adjust the light intensity at the periphery of the image and brightness adjustment. The new LCD interface enables photographers to edit and process photos through a simple and intuitive interface, either before or after shooting.

With sleek black and silver finishes the SQ10 has synergized digital imaging technology together with the iconic instax design to provide users with a whole new creative experience. The SQ10 inspires a range of instant snaps whether it is a mix of history, colours or a new culture full of charm and passion.

Does the FUJIFILM instax SQ10 live up to it’s expectations?

Is it practical? In today’s digital world I can appreciate how printing can be somewhat gimmicky. But it’s also just simply refreshing to hold and physically share printed instax films rather than greedily keeping the photos on an electronic device.

What I liked the most was how engaged my friends and family were as I snapped and printed the FUJIFILM instax SQ10 films. The only real issue I had was the demand of everyone wanting a photo. One print out was never enough!

Instax SQ10 RRP: $399.00, Instax Square Film: $34.95.
Stockists:JB HI FI, Harvey Norman and Specialist Camera Stores.