The novice guide for brunch: from style to location

Brunch – it's all the best bits of breakfast and lunch, and not to mention the perfect excuse for a morning mimosa; what's not to love?

A novice guide to brunch from sex and the city breakfast scene

The ultra-chic past time has filtered down from the streets of the Upper East Side, and let me tell you, it has hit our shores (and tummies) in a big way.

Still a relatively new concept for some, we decided to put together a how-to of the do's and don'ts for a mouthwatering and Instagram-worthy brunch to rival even the most stylish, Brisbane blogger.

What to wear

Brunch is all about looking effortlessly chic. Put away last night's sky high stilettos and instead, opt for a cute pair of loafers or sneakers. Stay away from figure hugging pieces and black or bright colours and instead, stick to neutrals and pastels, and throw on your favourite flowy, midi skirt or culottes.

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When it comes to beauty, opt for tousled, bed-head hair (carefully styled of course) and natural make-up with a bright lippie.

A novice outfit guide on what to wear to brunch

1. Nobody Denim, Cult Skinny

2. CAMILLA, Coats of Light Low Back Top

3. Mimco, Supernatural Medium Pouch

4. Adidas, Superstar 80s

5. Tom Ford, Lip Color in Flamingo

6. Christian Paul, Marble Collection Watch

7. Karen Walker, HARVEST

When to go

As its name suggests, brunch is supposed to be consumed sometime roughly between breakfast and lunch. However, as our body clocks fail to unwind on the weekend, many people make the mistake of hitting the cafe much before the acceptable time. Haven't you ever heard of being fashionably late?

That being said, don't oversleep and try and grab a bite of brunch at 12pm, because I'm sorry to say, you'll be a whole lot more likely to get a plate of pasta than pancakes – not exactly desirable brunch food! If possible, aim to eat sometime between 9- and 11 am.

Where to go

Brisbane is bursting with delectable brunch spots so we are really spoiled for choice. Delfina's Bistro at the Emporium is our go to destination for all our mid-morning meal needs.

Serving up a range of amazing share plates in a homey, family style environment, we couldn't think of anywhere we'd rather be! Head down to Delfina's for brunch this weekend and see for yourself!

Brisbane's best brunch delfina's bistro guide to brunch

What to eat

Bacon or a bagel? The art of brunch is a slippery slope. While we're essentially combining two meals, both a bowl of cereal and a BLT aren't exactly appropriate.

The best brunches consist of decadent treats such strawberry topped waffles, perfectly poached eggs and fresh juices. Coffee is always a must, but a sneaky cocktail is definitely not out of the cards - brunch is the only socially acceptable time to drink in the morning, so why not take advantage! At most good places, you'll be overwhelmed with delicious choices so why not bring a bunch of friends and try them all!

Who to bring

Traditionally, brunch has been a meal reserved for couples, but don't be afraid to take your mum, girls or even the whole family – the more the merrier!

We know what we're doing this weekend!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis