The Little Death | Through the Eyes of Josh Lawson

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"Sex is a beautiful thing that can also be very dangerous. It can be romantic, it can be a lot of different things, but it can also be funny. What's great about The Little Death is that sometimes it does take sex to a silly, funny place but other times I think it takes it very seriously. Sex can be sad too - not having it or lying to the person you have it with. Sex is a very complicated thing - it conjures emotions that no other activity can - and I think to put it in one box would be to misunderstand sex altogether," says Josh Lawson.

The Little Death takes you to a place of escape and in ways is far too relatable for its own good.

Josh Lawson agrees that he has pushed the boundaries for an Australian film production.

"I never compromised or backed-down from my original vision ... I never took out the spiky edges, because if I did, I felt that it would compromise the comedy."

In the past, Australian films have had a dry stigma but Lawson seems to have the potential to break this.

"It doesn't feel like an Australian story, it just feels like a story that anyone can relate to. That is because it is about relationships and who can't relate to that?," he says.

Evidently, he has already had success, with The Little Death being added to the line-up at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

"There was no point in doing something that we had seen before. Australian films don't often have a theatrical box office success ... This was evidence to push the boundaries and produce something different."

"It is the sort of film that we don't make often enough in this country, and I really believe that it will make a lot of people laugh," he points out.

The Little Death | Through the Eyes of Josh Lawson

Experimenting with the challenge of juggling three hats, writing, directing and acting, Josh Lawson never once lost the honesty or integrity of the message he wanted to portray.

"I enjoyed the challenge, maybe I am a sucker for punishment, but I enjoy being busy. So writing, acting and directing at the same time weirdly satisfied me in a bit of a cruel way. I was absolutely exhausted in every conceivable way but it kept me so active and occupied that I kind of got off on it."

Is it a controversial film? Could it be something that is too confronting and possibly too honest?

The most fascinating aspect of the film is what one will do to have a, "fleeting moment of sexual ecstasy".

The most shocking scene strikes right at the beginning with an honest confession. Maeve (Bojana Novakovic) reveals her sex-fetish to her long-term boyfriend Paul (Lawson). Cleverly constructed, she opens up about her secret-turn-on to be raped. This sets up a confronting plot to which viewers may find some-what challenging.

"People will be shocked by the word rape. But you have to understand that it was never made fun about."

"Each story has a different function and each story is meant to make you feel a certain way. It's a private moment between two people who deeply love each other and there is no malice and no violence ... There is only this deep abiding need to please," says Lawson.

The Little Death is a glimpse into the secret sex lives of five ordinary people who feel like real-life-couples.

Defying expectations and having the ability to effortlessly allure the viewers into connecting with the characters, guarantees that this film will spark interesting conversations.

"I hope they feel they went on a wild ride. I want them to laugh, to be moved, to be shocked. I want them to feel uncomfortable and feel sad. I want them to feel all these things in a short period of time. In a way, I want them to feel like they had the time of their life."

Maybe Josh Lawson has embraced and explored the feelings and emotions that come with sexual ecstasy within this film, or maybe, The Little Death is far more invigorating when it is your dream.

"It's nervousness, it's anxiety its relief, it's thrilling ... One day I am terrified and the next day I am exhilarated ... finally this thing that I have had in my head for so long, this thing that I have written is finally making people happy and excited in a way that I have always wanted it too."

The Little Death | Through the Eyes of Josh Lawson

The Little Death is released nationally on September 25, 2014.