The 10 movies you need to watch to forget your f* boy

Written by Jessica Lunan

These must watch films will help you get over that guy that messed with your heart!

Girls laying on bed eating chocolate

Sometimes after you’ve been majorly hurt by a f*boy, a woman’s only comfort is chocolate, girlfriends and movies.

These 10 films, perfect for a girls night, will help mend your heart and make you feel empowered again.

He’s Just Not That into You

When guys are jerks it just means that they like you, right? He’s Just Not Into You features nine people confronting the big issues of their relationships, from admitting they’re #CatchingFeels to making the commitment. You will definitely relate to multiple of these relationship struggles! (We admit that we might be guilty of checking our phones multiple times to see if he’s messaged).

The Break Up

With arguments beginning with “why don’t you do this one thing for me”, Brooke (Jennifer Anniston) and Gary (Vince Vaughn) decide to call it quits on their once enviable relationship. The petty arguments and actions that result take a hilarious, yet completely heartbreaking look at the stages of a break up. However, the bittersweet ending proves that you’ll eventually be ok.

John Tucker Must Die

If the title alone isn’t enticing enough to watch, this is the ultimate movie to inspire you to get even with your f* boy (although, perhaps don’t switch up his protein powder with estrogen...). After finding out that they’re all dating the same guy, 3 of the most popular girls in school recruit the new girl to ruin John Tuckers reputation, and ultimately, break his heart.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

This is a classic for our inner crazy. Andie (Kate Hudson), an advice columnist, is given the project of “how to lose a guy in 10 days”. Meanwhile, mega player Ben (Mathew McConaughey) makes a bet than any woman can fall in love with him in 10 days. From photo shopping their children, to making copies of his apartment keys, this movie will have you forgetting about your silly f* boy in minutes!

Crazy Stupid Love

Two words: Ryan. Gosling. However in this role Gosling plays the town’s player who befriends newly divorced Cal (Steve Carell), and decides to teach him his player ways. A long list of cringe-worthy, yet hilarious, encounters ensue as Cal navigates the dating scene. Plus Ryan Gosling #CatchingFeelings for Hannah (Emma Stone) is just too cute.

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No Strings Attached

Two friends decide to take things to the next level. However, roles are reversed with Emma (Natalie Portman) not wanting to have anything serious, whereas Adam (Ashton Kutcher) is a true romantic. With the ground rules of no dating, no spending the night, no putting each other in their emergency contact list, and ending the “relationship” one starts to have feelings, this friends with benefits is set to be a success.

Are We Officially Dating

Three friends make the pact to stay single, however simple promises can’t always be kept. The film gives insight into the golden rules of f* boys, such as no seeing a girl more than twice in 2 weeks, or inviting her to the apartment. However rules are broken, and there is something so satisfying about seeing f* boys admitting they have feelings. Plus, man-candy like Zac Efron eating ice cream to mend his broken heart is always appreciated.


Taking a fresh approach to traditional rom-coms, Trainwreck is possibly one the most #GirlBoss movies of all time. After the saying “monogamy isn’t realistic” was drilled into her by her father from a young age, journalist Amy (Amy Schumer) isn’t about making the commitment. However, things change when she meets the sports doctor she’s writing an article on.

Something Borrowed

This film will hit you right in the feels! After befriending her Law School crush, Dex (Colin Egglesfield), Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) introduces him to her best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson). However, the two hit it off and Rachel is left heartbroken. Fast forward a few years and the two are getting married, yet there is still major chemistry between Rachel and Dex.

Just Friends

This hilarious rom-com proves that the friend-zone isn’t forever. Chris (Ryan Reynolds) has been in love with his best friend Jamie (Amy Smart) since before he can remember. However after confessing his feelings, Chris leaves his hometown and Jamie behind to pursue a new, emotionless life as a successful record executive. Yet when he is forced to spend Christmas with his family, Chris finds himself falling for Jamie again.