Stylist's top tips to packing light for a work trip

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How to eliminate the drama that comes with packing...

How to eliminate the drama that comes with packing...

Work recently had me catching a last minute flight to Sydney for a three day conference. Usually I would be met with sheer panic as I try to mentally put outfits together. I relentlessly rummage through my closet in hopes that I have something to wear. This is followed by the excuses to go shopping because nothing seems to be working. But this time, I didn’t have time to shop; I only had time to pack.

Coco Chanel once said, “Less is more.” But when it comes to travelling this is something I’ve had difficulty coming to terms with. I’ve always envied the girls who don’t need to lug around an endless amount of stuff all while looking super composed.

If you’ve ever seen me at the airport – it’s not glamorous. I have zero chill because I’m carrying way too many things. I’m not a hoarder, neither am I very sentimental, but when it comes to travelling, a switch flicks and I have trouble departing with anything.

To my horror, I only had 23kgs of luggage booked and as I mentioned I had to cater for three days. Impossible I thought. But in fact, I actually checked my luggage in at 17kgs and had enough room to stuff in two pillows. #GOALS

I wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you that I’ve somehow mastered so you can eliminate the drama that comes with packing. I’ve learnt a few of these secrets from other avid travellers and fashion divas that like me, can always justify the need to carry 10 pairs of high-heels. (life is a runway, right?)

Attention ladies, please fasten your seatbelts, and ready, jet-set, go!

Roll don’t fold

Struggling to fit everything into your bag? No stress. Instead of folding your clothes, switch it up and tightly roll your garments. You’ll be surprised how much extra space this will create. It’s a miracle.

Shrink the essentials

Opt for travel size beauty products or transfer your faves into smaller sized containers. Put your shampoo and conditioner into mini bottles. Carry a tiny hairspray. Don’t bring your entire collection of eyeshadow palettes and no you don’t need three different shades of red lipstick. Live by the rule, ‘Calm down’.

All black everything

A black wardrobe is essential when travelling. Choose easy pieces that will allow you to mix and match without any fuss. A black dress will take you from day to night. A black jacket over a simple pencil skirt and blouse says office appropriate whilst having you ready for after-work drinks. Only bring a pair or two of high heels (preferably black or nude) and a pair of ballerina flats. You never know when your feet will be begging for a rest. Then turn the heat up by adding a few statement accessories to add personality and inject some serious style.

Handle your extra baggage

Eliminate unnecessary carry-on and pop your necessities in either a small roller bag or an oversized tote. My personal favourite is opting for a bright-coloured, oversized tote, and a clutch with a chunky, gold chain. The strap calls for play by day and will simply transform to an evening number by night. All you have to do is either detach or hide the strap. Ta-da.

Keep it real

If you simply can’t travel without 5 coats, 7 pairs of shoes and 25 makeup brushes – then send it via courier overnight. Sometimes a girl just needs her whole wardrobe and if budget allows, why not!