Signs you’re killing it in your early twenties

Like a boss.


“Your twenties are easy!”…said no one ever. It’s a decade of change, instability, holding down multiple jobs and telling yourself that the lack of sleep, time and money will all turn around someday. It’s the age where university is a closed book, you’re just starting out in your career (or still trying to land a grad job) and you’re feeling the pressure to have everything settled and just get your life together already.

Maybe you kind of hoped that after graduation you’d be living in a penthouse apartment, driving to your dream job in an Audi and preparing to go on an overseas holiday to Europe. It’s safe to say you probably aren’t doing that though, and that’s okay.

Here are 7 signs you’re actually killing it in your twenties.

You have a graduate job

Okay so we aren’t talking about the corner office or CEO here, but you’ve managed to grasp onto that first rung of the ladder. Even if you’re a temp worker, a cashier, a bartender, a waitress or whatever else you need to do in the meantime, the fact you’re dedicated enough to do something hard that probably sucks says a lot about you.

Even if you don’t have a graduate job, you’re still applying your skillset

This is for those of us (ahem, me) who have applied for what seems like every graduate job in a 50km radius and still aren’t getting anywhere. Maybe you’re applying those skills by volunteering somewhere, doing an internship or starting your own side hustle like a website or a start-up. As long as you’re putting your skills to use, you should be proud.

Here are 7 signs you’re actually killing it in your twenties.

You have a place of your own…or you’re working on it

Even if your own space only amounts to one room in a shared apartment with your slightly annoying flatmates, it’s your space. There’s no shame in living at home after graduation though, especially with the state of the housing market for us millennials. You can save money and have the luxury of being able to shop around for a decent place instead of signing the lease on the first crappy apartment you can afford. If you’re at least working on saving the money and figuring out your independence, you shouldn’t feel ashamed.

You get enough sleep

Our university days consisted of pulling all-nighters but now that you’re an adult and you have real responsibilities like work, job interviews or appointments, you at least try and get a good eight hours a night.

You only eat two minute noodles if you want to

Gone are the days when you could only afford mac and cheese and two minute noodles for dinner. Your repertoire consists of far more than cheese toasties and cereal - now you can actually cook a decent stir-fry or maybe you’ve even mastered a roast.

Here are 7 signs you’re actually killing it in your twenties.

You have a goal

You’re saving up for an overseas trip, you’re going to move to a new city, you’re planning on doing a master’s degree or changing your career path. Whatever it is, you are moving towards a milestone and that takes some serious maturity.

You can look after yourself

If you make your own appointments, pay your bills on time, exercise regularly, eat well and make time for hobbies and the important people in your life, then you’re well on your way.


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