Sc'Roll up for The Doughnut Bar's new hyped dessert!

The Doughnut Bar's scrolled ice cream

When it comes to curbing that sweet tooth of yours, we really are spoilt for choice with an array of well-raved dessert locations hidden right here in Brisbane!

From the likes of Eat Street, Doughnut Time and Mister Fitz Finest Ice Cream, Brisbane has managed to churn out another Instagram worthy fad... behold.. The Doughnut Bar!

The Doughnut Bar has made previous appearances as a pop-up stall at Eat Street Markets and Edward Street but now finally has its own store in the most centralised and convenient location in Brisbane.. The Wintergarden (171- 209 Queen Street, Brisbane- Queen Street Mall Shopping Centre).

The Doughnut Bar's scrolled ice cream

Hosting their grand opening February 25, the store unveiled their very own creation... scrolled ice cream which they hope to be a new found love in the dessert industry.

Unlike traditional ice cream, scrolled ice cream is free from all fats and sugars. It was created to be a 'healthier' and ultimately more appealing ice cream that will have the fitspo community raving.

But with the expansion of Brisbane's dessert offering over the past few years, will The Doughnut Bar be another fad or a sweet sensation?

Words: Isla Perrett