RAY ISAAC: The New Voice

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No stranger to the music industry himself, his song I Don’t Give A Damn was released through Ministry of Sound. His follow-up track ‘Stand by Me’, produced by US producer Robbie Rivera is an all-consuming lyrical narrative that morphs quickly into a raw disclosure of modest insight. Thanks to these releases, the producers of Cedar Boys felt inspired and handpicked Ray’s tunes for their film straight away.


His next single, “U Want or U Don’t will be released in September 2012 alongside his music video starring Miss Lebanon Australia winner Daniella Rahme and a cast of all middle eastern models.

Ray has also just signed a deal with writer & director David Winters - Star of the original West Side Story film. Ray’s music and brief acting skills will be featured in David Winters blockbuster dance film title ‘East Side Story’ starring winners of So you think you can dance America. The film is set to be released 2013. “David approached me because he saw my music video at his local gym funny enough. It is an honour to have four of my original songs in the film. You may also get to see a glimpse of me in the club scenes”. Ray has also released new club tracks ‘Hold me Back’ and ‘Catch me’ through Ultra records and Blackhole recordings which are topping the DJ charts.


His signature style expresses pain, love and redemption. It moves fiercely between explosive and functional and has placed him in a position to dictate his own brand of pop-infused soul.

“Whether on the stereo or on the dancefloor, my music is an expression of my whole being and it’s taken me a long time to let go of the fear of sharing it with the world,” Ray says. “I hope that my experiences will make people see that they are not alone and that they are special.”

When he’s not busy in the recording studio or performing at an exclusive function, Ray is investing his love for DJing in the worlds top bars and clubs. Thanks to a soulful voice, a strong sense for fashion and an ear for everything danceable, Ray is a force to be reckoned with on the DJ decks.


2012 is the year to cement Ray Isaac’s place in the ever-changing music scene - which he has an insatiable hunger for, while still avoiding contained statements of boundaries.

“U Want or U Don’t”, “Catch Me” and “Hold Me Back” are available now on Itunes

Visit: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/ray-isaac/id146028225