Rachael Finch talks wonderful wellbeing

Written by Jessica Lunan

Rachel Finch wears Blackmores top and plays tennis

Summer is synonymous with the Australian Open, and in typical fashion, the 111th year of the tournament was been filled to the brim with nail biting moments and high intensity matches. The stunning Rachael Finch is the official ambassador for Blackmores, the notorious Australian vitamin and supplement brand who have partnered with the Australian Open. In her role, the TV Personality actively encouraged consumers to take the Blackmores Wellbeing Check throughout the tournament. We were thrilled to catch up with her to talk all things health and wellbeing.

Given your strong alignment in the health and fitness industry, what does it mean for you to be representing Blackmores?

RF: Health and wellbeing is my world, so to be given the opportunity to represent Blackmores within their Australian Open partnership, who value the same motivations of optimising personal health and improving our wellbeing, is very exciting!

How do you believe your motives and dedication towards these ever-present industries capture the essence of Blackmores objectives?

RF: I believe that I live my everyday life dedicated to health and wellbeing, which is why I jumped at opportunity to represent Blackmores, who bestow the important message to empower Australians to feel their best and to Be a Well Being.

Why do you think today’s society scrolls through all the motivational pictures on social media, but fails to take action?

RF: Being healthy is both a physical and a mental shift. I think it can sometimes be overwhelming for today’s society to scroll through unrealistic images on social media and feel the failure before trying to make a change. It’s so unhealthy to compare yourself with someone else; what’s important is to focus on your own individual journey, and compete with yourself as you’re the only one that will reap the benefits.

How has becoming a mother changed your outlook on health and fitness?

RF: Health and fitness is just as, or even more important since becoming a mother. I am responsible for Violet, so it’s imperative for the body and the mind to be active, so that I can be present and able to run around and play with her. Being a mum can sometimes be hard work, however I think it’s all about balance, time management and prioritising!

What is your go-to active wear outfit that you cannot live without?

RF: When it comes to active wear, for me comfort is key - so I always wear breathable clothes that look and feel trendy! My go-to outfit usually includes loose-fitting tanks, 3-quarter leggings and a crop top, teamed with a loud, vibrantly coloured pair of joggers.

Rachel Finch wears Blackmores top and plays tennis

What is one tip of advice you could give our readers to maintain motivation?

RF: There is a common misconception that you must push your body to the limits to get results, which isn’t the case. My tip of advice is to make sure you listen to your body, how it feels and give it what it asks for. If you are lacking energy, practice yoga or pilates. On days where you have a lot of buzz, go for a long run or trial a dance class. As a busy mum, I can be short on time so I love doing a speedy 30 minute, high intensity circuit to work up a sweat, changing up the exercises to keep it challenging!

On the opposite side of the fitness and lifestyle spectrum, what is your guilty pleasure?

RF: I believe that everything should be enjoyed in moderation. I absolutely love chocolate, so I will make a rewarding cocoa powder, banana, mango, fresh dates and coconut milk smoothie or enjoy some Greek yoghurt with mixed nuts.

Five Fast Facts:

What's one thing you can't live without?

RF: Easy, my beautiful daughter Violet, and if I’m travelling that means FaceTime so that I can speak to her!

Favourite thing about being a mum?

RF: Starting my day by heading out for a morning walk with Violet and our dog Simba.

If you could have 5 minutes alone, what would you do?

RF: Something I love to do after a huge day on my feet (especially in heels) is to lay flat with my legs up against the wall, to help ease the pain or tiredness from my legs and help the blood flow back to the heart. This gives my back and legs a nice stretch and gives you a few minutes to take some deep breaths (you’ll notice the calming effects instantly).

What's if your favourite beauty product?

RF: My biggest beauty secret is to listen to your body, and that what you put in is what you get out. In relation to product, I would have to say my eyelash curler to bring out your eyes and my Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume.

What's next?

RF: I have been busy down in Melbourne as the official ambassador for Blackmores during the 2016 Australian Open, so I have been getting to meet a lot of the players and seeing some great matches. Post Australian Open, I will be taking life as it comes and spending some quality time with Violet and my husband, Micheal. But I definitely have an exciting year planned ahead!

To find out your own Well Being score, be sure to take the Blackmores Wellbeing Check.