Proposing the Proposition of a Proposal

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This is where our hero arrives and we get a helping hand from the insight of a lady: Alison Skate has arrived to take the stress of the planning away.

Alison Skate has written a guide as such to some great proposal plans, Ambush Proposals: The Hero's Guide to Wedding Proposals is the book to assist anyone getting ready to make the commitment of love. Alison Skate, is a Psychologist and Accredited Professional Coach practicing in Queensland with her book truly stating and confirming what the real commitment the proposal creates.


As Skate states "With sites like YouTube providing scores of examples of creative and extravagant wedding proposals, the bar has well and truly been raised when it comes to popping the question," it is becoming more clear of the importance on how the proposal is done.

Alison Skate went above the expected and really covered all facets of proposing with considerations of private, public and extravagant proposals. With the inclusions of real life proposals you can get a personal feel of the whole experience, and truly see what a blessing this book can be. Skate also said "There are also some tips for men to consider, like how to identify her ring size or what kind of ring she would like, as well as advice from men who have already proposed,".

Whether you plan to propose soon or like me still haven't found the one, this is a great book that not only deals with the planning of proposal but finely details the commitment of engagement. Alison Skate has written in a way that you feel the love and feelings that each moment creates. So if it's your turn soon or not get studying for I believe you will never be ready or forget the moment where love and commitment take their first steps into a complete life.

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