Pretty Shady to Prevent Skin Cancer | Fashion Weekly

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Sadly many young Aussies are unaware of the most devastating health issues that will affect two in three of their friends in their lifetime.

That's why preventing skin cancer is not only important but with Pretty Shady aiming to empower young Aussies to think about the risks - it's actually becoming trendy.

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Pretty Shady to Prevent Skin Cancer | Fashion Weekly

Pretty Shady's Ambassador Isabelle Cornish said, "A great pair of sunnies will always make a cool accessory to your wardrobe. Being sun and style conscious go hand in hand. Some of the most distinctive summer fashion trends are also the most protective."

Protecting your skin has never been more on trend. Like it, win it, wear it, share it and be part of the generation that stops skin cancer, one summer at a time.

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