Pitch Perfect 2 | Film Review

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The a cappella sisterhood is back and this time they are taking on the world.

The film starts three years from the last with the Bellas having won nationals and defending twice to now performing for President Obama's birthday. Much like the first one, the film starts with an onstage embarrassment as Rebel Wilson's "Fat Amy" spandex outfit splits mid performance to reveal she has gone "Commando". As is to be expected, a national scandal proceeds and the Bellas are shamefully disqualified from competitions.

Pitch Perfect 2 | Film Review

Their only hope is ... winning the World A Cappella Championships. A feat no American team has ever done; a challenge evermore difficult by the German champions and almost robotic Das Sound Machine who execute to perfection.

Unable to audition any newcomers the Bellas rely on a legacy freshman Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) who might just hold the key to their success. Though, the road is not an easy one, as the group is out of sync as the pressures of life after college take effect and Beca's (Anns Kendrick) internship at a recording studio strains her commitments.

If any hope is to remain, the Bellas must retreat, find their voices once again and unite in harmony to overcome their rivals and save the Bardon Bella tradition.

A true highlight of the film, amongst the surplus of cameos is the cast. Bringing back all the original characters and adding a few extra, Pitch Perfect 2 delivers a group performance mainly focusing on the Bellas as a whole rather then heavily singling out one. The group focus allows for the charm of each cast member to shine but creates distractions amidst the excess sub-plots and sometimes one-dimensioned characters.

It almost seems that in an attempt to be bigger then the first, Pitch Perfect 2 may just have lost what made the first so special. But don't fret, everything you loved about Pitch Perfect is still there: the a cappella is on point, the one-liners are non-stop and in between your laughter you will have to fight the urge to sing, dance or maybe both.

Pitch Perfect 2 is enjoyable from the start and won't disappoint the fans of the first.

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Pitch Perfect 2 | Film Review