Picture your Life

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We can all appreciate our smartphones, tablets or IPads, they have made our lives easier, the world smaller, and most importantly kept us entertained. We fill them with photos as we capture those memorable moments that define our celebrations and then we share them via Instagram and and other social media outlets. Though we spread these photos digitally, nothing beats a physical grip on a memory, a hanging reminder of the good times. That is where PosterCandy invades and allows your true creativity to shine.


PosterCandy is a great way to take the hidden photos and memories, and make a great collage to tell a story, your story. Whatever you use Instagram for, whether it is your recent travel snaps or your favourite foodstagrams anything can now be shared with the household thanks to the affordable price-point. PosterCandy really bridges the gap for technologies digital prints to share with your friends and the printed frames for the family.

With an extremely easy system, just 4 clicks can create your own personalised Instagram wall art with PosterCandy. Combining different layouts and sizes, all perfectly suited to any IKEA frame, that missing piece in your home can be filled with a poster of memories. PosterCandy uses the best professional photographic paper designed to give you art gallery quality posters customised to suit your individual tastes and needs. Not only a great personal addition to the home, this unique wall art can be a great gift to a loved one commemorating any special moment.

So your chance has arrived to put a special stamp on your home arrangements and not let the photos sitting on your smartphone or tablets go to waste. Poster the digitally trapped memories, and reminisce daily on the times and feelings that define an event. Checkout PosterCandy today and release your hidden photography. Visit: www.postercandy.com.au.