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In an ever changing world the phenomenon of this simple way to share photography will only continue to change itself and get better and more inventive as new technology and ideas come about. New ideas such as Anthony McGovern's Picster.


Picster is a brand new and exciting way to share your photos and experiences with the people you care about, and furthermore the world. It's a brand new app which allows you to create albums and share them through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email directly to a friend's computer or phone. The creator of of this brilliant app, Anthony McGovern, took the time to talk to Fashion Weekly about Picster.

Anthony originally hails from across the Tasman, but was raised here in Australia in both the Northern Territory and Queensland before he made the move to Sydney twenty years ago. At the age of twenty-five Mr. McGovern started his own design business where he has done work for Schwarzkopf, Wella, and Fudge.

"Half way through last year, I sort of thought my two passions are design and photography. I wanted to make a change since I was approaching the big forty. I thought I would start doing an app that combined my two passions, and also allowed me to do my third passion, which is traveling," Mr. McGovern said.

With fifteen years experience collectively of design and photography it's safe to say that Anthony had plenty of inspiration and passion to make something like Picster work.


"I think I was naive, as probably every person who first time created an app was. I woke up at four in the morning, and I knew what I wanted to do, and by 7am I sort of designed the interface," he said.

"After the development stage, registering with iTunes and creating appropriate accounts, playing with bugs, creating the name and trademarking it, the process proved to be lengthy.

So the naive part about it all, was thinking [I] could just rush in and get it done in three or four months. It took eight months probably, from start, to concept, to out." Anthony said.

Anthony has definitely utilised his talent for photography and his combined passion for traveling. The images captured from his trips all over the world are simply stunning.

"Photography for me was actually a bit of an escape. To go out and do something creative, where I could just do what I want and shoot what I want, whether it's people or landscapes," he said.

Picster is on its way to earning a spot in photography history, as Anthony continues to fulfill his goal to change the way the world shares photos. It has also become a tool for filmmakers, musicians and PR and event agencies to create albums on projects and events to fuel hype and create awareness to share over social media.

Picster is unavailable on the Android market, but is a free app for the iPhone and iPad and is available for download through the App Store.