Create an Instagrammable desk with Typo

Is your desk Insta-worthy?

Create an Instagrammable desk and work space with Typo

It’s back to work and no play ladies, but have no fear! Spruce up this dreary time of year with a practical yet Instagrammable desk space to ensure you keep an eye on the prize!

We've hunted down our favourite pieces from Typo to ensure our work environment is inspiring, practical and motivational. Read on to see how you can do the same.

1. Go for gold

Not only are metallic colours super trendy right now, but this pop of colour will totally brighten your day and your desk. Think flashy gold pen holders, copper stationary and rose-gold frames to make your desk snap-able at any moment.

2. Pastel-ly peaceful

If ‘in your face’ colours aren’t your thing, or you simply want to complement statement colours on your desk, pastel tones are perfect. Baby blue creates a chilled out vibe, white is a must for clarity and pink…well who doesn’t love pink? Find pastel tones on stationary, and other essential knick-knacks like post-it notes, pencil cases, decorative folders (and more!).

Create an Instagrammable desk and work space with Typo

3. Organisation station

While you want your study space to be picture perfect, it needs to be insta-workable. Organisation is the key to success. Accomplish this with a diary that looks fab but also includes a to-do list, note page and other stylish sections. A calendar and a cute notebook to write all of your thoughts and ideas in will also make the long hours of work manageable.

4. Liven up your space

Do you ever feel like you can’t breathe in your office? Instead of running out of the door for some fresh air, bring the freshness to you with a pot plant (or two, you do you). Plants will not only bring simplicity to your desk (for a great photo of course) but they will make you feel calm and collected. And if you struggle to remember to feed your goldfish, maybe opt for some fake plants…no one will tell the difference.

5. Leave distractions behind

We have all been guilty of dreaming about lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand instead of focusing on something that’s due in an hour. You can curb those feels by removing distracting desk photos and artwork by replacing them with motivational quotes. Look out for wall art, bold prints on notebooks, nifty décor and even stickers for some #inspo. So say goodbye to Liam Hemsworth and Zac Efron and say hello to Socrates and Gandhi- they’re your new BFFS.

The best way to make sure your desk is totally insta-amazing is to make sure it defines you! Not only will your followers love it but more importantly, so will you!

Words: Grace Holgate