The Race that Stops the Nation

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The Race that Stops the Nation


It’s that time of year again, Melbourne Cup, the race that literally does stop the nation and calls for the most stylish. For many, Melbourne Cup offers that one day a year to live it big, go crazy and wear the most daring pieces in their wardrobe. To others, it may be an excuse to drink big and have a good time, but whatever the occasion or choice of celebration everyone has some form of investment in Melbourne Cup.

Stay Smooth this Summer

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Stay Smooth this Summer with Smooze Fruit Ice


Want a frozen treat this summer without the guilt? Try the new natural and healthy snack, Smooze Fruit Ice. With only 66 calories per serve, having a treat without a worry has never been smoother.

In an easy and convenient size, Smooze Fruit Ice can be used in both cocktails and smoothies, to add that chilled brilliance to any summer day. Contained in a perfect compact 65ml serving size, Smooze Fruit Ice is convenient and will perfectly complement any occasion at any location.

Smooze Fruit Ice is also 100% natural, which makes it an impeccable summer goodie for all Australians that have gluten, dairy and preservative intolerances.

Lee Harnden Graffiti Writer

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Upclose with Lee Harnden

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There is a brutal honesty in Harnden's work. While highlighting the rawness of gangland imagery he affords a sentimentalist portrayal of integrity and soul in each of his oil paintings. He achieves a unique exactitude through the medium but also draws upon a tremendous amount of depth, claiming more than a simple connection with his subjects.

 Although some figureheads he depicts fall short of the limelight in the popularised mainstream, the romantic undertone of Harnden's perception is revealed as every character he paints is essentially a hero in his eyes.

In his time and place, Lee Harnden is a catalyst of 'subterranean representation'.  Unfortunate for him, as it is for many true artisans, his work will speak volumes much louder in generations yet to come. 

Chilli & Spice

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logo2Restaurant Review: Chilli & Spice

Chilli & Spice is an amazing contemporary Thai restaurant. Located on Charlotte Street, Brisbane, it is the perfect place for a relaxing evening after a hard days work.

Relax in the cosy and modern ambience and enjoy the friendly and warm service from the staff who are all dressed in traditional Thai costume.

With an array of dishes including; soups, salads, curries, stir-fries, and noodles and rice, you will find it extremely easy to pick a dish that is to your liking, or if you're like me – hard to choose just one to indulge in.