Oh Holidays, Oh Holidays

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So instead of cold, white and mushy snow, think hot, white, and smooth sand. So let's check out the local Australian Islands where you can get your chill on and catch up on some rays.

Let's start down south and work our way home. Frankly there are not that many islands in Australia outside of Queensland, but one specific island did catch my eye off the coast of NSW. So if you live in New South Wales or plan on traveling there for your Christmas break, why not visit Lord Howe Island. Essentially it is located within a two hour flight from Brisbane or Sydney.

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Lord Howe Island is largely regarded as the most beautiful island in the Pacific. With activities that cover any type of personality, Lord Howe is limitless on choices. From bush walks for the nature lover, snorkeling or scuba diving for the adventurer or just plain relaxing on an unspoiled, uncrowded beach, Lord Howe Island has it all. With limited accommodation (400 beds) this just adds to the beauty of the holiday, imagine no crowds, no lines, just you and island tropics.

My choice for accommodation is none other than the Capella Lodge. Capella Lodge is Lord Howe Island's premium higher class accommodation, containing views of the ocean and mountain, breathtaking is an understatement. With the inclusion of the Capella Spa, and personal bar and restaurant, all your relaxing desires will be only a walk away.

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Now returning home to Queensland the island options are tremendous. Firstly let me just say the Whitsundays. Simply put it contains four amazing island resorts, so whether you decide to choose Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Daydream Island, or Long Island, they are all incredible choices to get your chill on. Now if I really had to choose, and because we all want to live high class, I'm going to choose Hayman Island. It really is a no brainer since it is a 5 star resort accepted by 'The Leading Hotels of the World" Organisation. Now if that doesn't say enough, I don't know what will. Honestly it contains everything, a day spa, all the water activities you can fit in, a golf course, and amazing dinner options, this is a one stop relaxation sensation.

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So since we just keep going north, lets check out the Great Barrier Reef Island Resort. Lizard Island (don't be freaked by the name) contains twenty-four different beaches and forty elegant suites ranging from private villas, pavilions or simple yet amazing rooms. Lizard Island was voted as "Best Resort in Australia" and definitely won't disappoint. With 5 star dining and an amazing day spa, the relaxation continues with secluded beaches, stunning views and overall an escape from reality into paradise.

So wherever you choose to go this Christmas to catch up on some much deserved rest, go no further than an island paradise. So enjoy Christmas and enjoy the break, but remember your holiday is not made out of where you are but rather who you are with.