New Day, New Year, New Start

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Edith Lovejoy Pierce wrote it best saying “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.”
So let us start this New Year together, and accomplish our Top 4 New Year Resolutions:

Get Finances Under Control


Let’s be honest we could all save a bit for that rainy day. Living pay check for pay check really isn’t satisfying and we need something to show for after all our hard work. Whatever your motivation to save is for, rewarding yourself after a milestone is always good. Remember saving money doesn’t mean you have to live poor, it just means you have to be smart on where and how frequent you spend your it.

Join a Gym


Okay this one is a classic, everyone wants to get fit and have that summer body and after all the Holiday feasting use New Years as a motivation to get on track. With all the 24 hour gyms popping up all over the place, there really is no excuse to get started for you can go whenever it suits you. Also if your gym excuse is that you don’t want to pay a personal trainer or you don’t know what equipment to use, trust me the internet has wonderful tutorials and recommendations, even YouTube or fitness apps for your smart phone can come in handy. Even if gyms aren’t your thing fitness is key to healthy living, so why not join the extremes of Cross Fit or Kettlebell workouts, the social interaction along with these classes can create motivation within themselves.

Eat Right


Now this is a touchy subject, especially after all those Christmas sweets. We all really do want to be healthy and nutrition can’t be ignored if that goal wants to be reached. So basic step is making sure we look after ourselves with some basic vitamins just to keep our immune system up and running and those depressing colds away. Second eating healthy and minimising takeaway is probably a big thing. I can understand the temptation to avoid cooking and just getting a quick bite on the run, but in the long run your only really hurt yourself. It is the New Year so let’s carry that same method forward and experiment with our cooking, try new recipes and enjoy eating your well-deserved creations.

Goal setting


It’s a New Year, time to set out your goals and the things you want to achieve for this year. Whatever you use goals to accomplish whether as a chance to get back on track, or a way to keep your sights on the end goal, everyone agrees that marking of that goal on completion is a satisfying experience. Goals are very important for if it weren’t for them what would we accomplish, what would we know as priority, and what motivation would we have? Henry Ward Beecher stated that “The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success”. I believe that states it well, when we put pen to paper we see our goals and can plan our path to success.

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