Netflix, Chocolate & Chill: Shows to watch this Easter

Netflix shows to binge watch over the weekend

Easter, what's not to love? Tonnes of chocolate and a much needed long weekend; sounds pretty perfect to us!

This long weekend is the perfect time to indulge in some chill-time so we have put together a guide of the top 5 series' for you to watch. Grab your chocolate, a girlfriend or two and enjoy (glass of wine optional)!

Girl lying on couching binge watching Netflix shows

Gossip Girl

New York and Nate Archibald... need we say more!? The exploits of incredibly wealthy and not to mention ridiculously gorgeous teenagers are sure to keep you occupied for hours on end. But be warned, serious wardrobe (and boyfriend) envy may occur!

Pretty Little Liars

A guilty pleasure for many of us, despite it's sometimes cringe worthy line or two, scandal after scandal, PLL will keep you coming back for more. Be prepared to be astonished at its power to keep you on the edge of your seat (for longer than you'll care to admit) until you finally find out the biggest secret of them all (we won't tell if you wont!).

The Vampire Diaries

Two of TV’s most attractive, immortal brothers fighting over a beautiful girl... we've had that dream! TVD is not just your average vampire, love story. With everything from witches and werewolves to your everyday struggles with friendship and family (and let's not forget those steamy scenes), you're sure to fall head over heels.

How I Met Your Mother

An oldie but a goodie; How I Met Your Mother never disappoints! Kick back and relax and watch the loveable Ted on his seemingly endless search for love in the big apple. With 9 seasons you may need longer than a weekend to get through it all, but we promise, if you've somehow been living under a rock and not yet seen it, you'll love it; like a fine wine it only gets better with time.

Jane the Virgin

Relatively new to the Netflix line up, Jane the Virgin has captured the hearts of rom-com fans of all ages (including ours) and if you don't mind some super corny narration and absolutely ridiculous plot-lines, its sure to steal yours too!

So there you have it, the perfect antidote to any workaholics long-weekend boredom, and with this list, we're betting you'll be begging for more time to break your new-found addictions, both of chocolate and Netflix!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis