My money makeover saved me and my sanity

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I turned things around thanks to this big money makeover.

When I was younger, I was terrible with money. I always assured myself that I'd get better as I matured but time flew by and so did my lack of savings.

My early twenties were promising, well at least I thought so. I started earning a weekly wage and had to responsibly handle bills, indulgent nights, taxi fares, beauty appointments, shopping sprees, dining out, weekend getaways and who knows what else.

But I've recently come to the realisation that I won't be in my 20s forever and I need to start thinking about the future.

I regularly cleanse my wardrobe and declutter my apartment but what about my finances? I mean, when was the last time I seriously looked at my spending habits?

This awaking brought me to do an impressive money makeover. Now, I'm no finance guru so what I'm sharing with you is from my own personal experience.

Disclaimer: You may need wine for the next part.

Get out those bank statements and dissect each area of your spending. Some of you may be all tech savvy and do this via an app. Me for instance, went for a more traditional way by using an excel document. (Don't judge me)

I was mortified. I quickly identified that I don't wake up like this! I spend so much on beauty. Whether it's my skincare products or monthly hair, brow and laser appointments, I'm telling you, I'm expensive!

Then I was left in shock with how much I spend on parking, Uber fares and dining out.

Though it was a painstakingly ugly process to go through, it was important for me to see how wreckless I was being.

My next step included unsubscribing from the extensive list of automatic subscriptions I had unknowingly accumulated over the years. Anything that I felt was unnecessary or that I could live without had to go.

To assist with the crazy changes, I even ended up selling a whole bunch of things I wasn't using or didn't need anymore on Gumtree. Ladies, when you start to see that extra cash rolling in, you honestly want to maintain the momentum.

My next step involved seeing a financial advisor. I told them about my goals and they showed me what steps I would need to put them in place to achieve them.

I then went to my bank and closed any accounts that were charging me fees. Seriously, these add up over time! I also opened up several high interest saving accounts that would automatically withdraw set amounts when my wage hit my account. That way I didn't need to see myself parting with the money.
Because I had already gone through my spending habits with a fine tooth comb, I knew exactly how much money I needed to keep aside for bills and beauty. The rest, I could use for play.

I've been doing this for 8 months now and I'm so excited because I'm not living week-by-week. There's money in my account and I'm finally saving for that European holiday and house deposit.

To ensure that I don't slip up, I'm also reading a number of different finance books to help stay on track. It's easy to forget those finance goals when you're in love with the latest Chanel 'it bag'. #Guilty!

Looking to turn your finances around? I highly recommend seeing a financial planner who can give you the expert advice you need to succeed. This article is not to be taken literally. Please speak to a professional about your circumstances.