Must See: Pandora's Unique Mother's Day Thank You film

Pandora's Unique Thank You film brings all the feels this Mother's Day with mothers and daughters in white gallery space

Pandora's tear jerking 2016 Mother's Day campaign is celebrating another year of unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters in their latest heart-warming video.

The Unique Thank You film praises the profound and unspoken emotional bond and embraces the experiences and qualities that make each mother-daughter relationship so special.

Encouraging women to reflect on the wisdom that has been passed down, the Unique Thank You film sees daughters from different backgrounds write a thank you message on a canvas. In an art gallery set up, the canvas' were framed and scattered on the bare walls. Under each piece was a tablet with a recorded message from the author.

As the mothers individually work the room and carefully read each quote, the daughters nervously watch from behind the wall in hopes that their mum identifies which message was made for them.

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Call it a “moving display of love” or mother's intuition, they are all drawn to their own special message. Upon successfully identifying the familiar words, each of the mums press play on the tablet to hear their unique thank you, at which point, the daughters appear from behind the scenes.

Are you feeling quite touched? Well, now, it's your turn to send your own bespoke message to your mum just in time for Mother's Day. Pandora's 2016 Mother's Day campaign extends well beyond the Unique Thank You film with the launch of their new social app on Echoing the campaign experiment, mothers form all over the world can now receive a customised digital letter.

The app asks the lucky mothers to identify their daughter's quote from a line up. When she discovers the right letter, a video message from her daughter will play on screen.

This is a beautiful sentiment that will stay with you and your mother for a life-time. We couldn’t think of a more unique way to say thanks!

Watch Pandora's Unique Thank You film film below:

Words: Taylah Scanlon